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Mike Freer Quits

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fender62 | 18:25 Thu 01st Feb 2024 | News
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shocking but not suprising, /Mr Freer said he suffered his first serious death threat the following year, when the group Muslims Against Crusades told him to 'let Stephen Timms be a warning to you/



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Why haven't we heard about this before?

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naomi24, social cohesion...erm, thats why i watch gbnews, watch freers interview catchup gbnews,

the majority view on Twitter (or Xwitter, or whatever) is that the "death threat" is just an excuse, and he's quit because he's going to get a serious butt kicking at the next election........

Mushroom, it's not 'the' death threat.  It's a 'string of threats and incidents culminating in an arson attack'.

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mushroom25, doubt he would care about re-election, more concerned about the firebombing and death threats, twit apologists and theory loons.

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Mike Freer Quits

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