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Is The Hull Accent Sexy?

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mushroom25 | 19:11 Mon 11th Dec 2023 | News
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Timothee Chalamet say it is...

some examples of how to speak Hull are here - but just to provide a plavour....

Surfer - a couch. Erk - a type of wood. The perp - the Bishop of Rome 😀




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It is when Lucy Beaumont uses it!!!

Wasn't the former deputy PM, John Prescott, from Hull?

He couldn't be described as having a mellifluous voice.

I guess beauty is in the ear, or eye, of the beholder.

Question Author

// Wasn't the former deputy PM, John Prescott, from Hull? //

he went to university in Hull. but he was born and raised in Prestatyn.

I think you mean Buuhm'nt, but I agree. 😍

I do Douglas, I do!!!

No absolutely not and I when I hear Lucy B talk my teeth itch 

You'd need to post a link to an audio before I could form an opinion.

or you could listen for hours, if you were so inclined. Good luck if you do.

It's ok. I think there are others that would rival it.


I think accents come in two groups, either "acceptable/nice" or "gets on your nerves". "Sexy" doesn't really come in to it.

OG - Douglas and I would, I suspect, respectfully disagree with that assessment. 

I do like accents. All of them.
Maureen Lipman has a Hull accent, but I hers has been tempered by living in London and working on stage, I guess.


Sexy?  I don't find any accents sexy, sorry.  

Being Yorkshire, I don't have any problems with the Hull accent anthough it's not the prettiest.   Sheffield's worse.

OG '"Sexy" doesn't really come in to it.'

Oh but it does.. 'my mate' Politics Phil is from Hull sooo sexy!

Sheffeelt? Wee wah woo wah. 😁

In a word - No.

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Is The Hull Accent Sexy?

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