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Gaza Hostage Gives Birth

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naomi24 | 10:00 Sun 19th Nov 2023 | News
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//Reports Wednesday said that the woman who gave birth in Gaza was a foreign worker in one of the Israeli towns bordering the enclave until she was kidnapped on October 7.


Sara Netanyahu writing to Jill Biden said that among the hostages was a 10-month-old baby.//


“He was kidnapped even before he learned how to walk or talk,” she said.//


I can't even remotely imagine what that new mother must be suffering - or the mother of the baby captured.   Surely no one can condone this?



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They can ignore it.

Aye,the anti-semite ABers on here can,and will,Naomi.

Question Author

'Tis a bit quiet.

Aye...I'm a part time soothsayer.

Maybe it's quiet because people are fed up of the accusations that fly about and have already started on this thread!

Question Author

Any opinion on it, Redhelen?

Not that I am prepared to share on here and receive abuse for.

thank you for asking 

Question Author

Ok.  Thank you for popping in, albeit briefly.

Naomi do you honestly believe it's possible to have a debate on such an emotive subject without abuse?

AB recent history shows that is not possible and given 1 of the responses on here already I am unwilling to open myself up to further abuse and accusations.

Question Author

You've already said you don't want to contribute.  

I believe no one is willing to discuss any subject with the right wing faction of AB . In your desperation you don't even realise you are being ignored. 
I won't to back Naomi , but by all means you carry on posting .

The innocent will always suffer, it's the way of the world.

Condoning is neither here nor there when there's a war on and one side cares only for their own and the other not at all.

@17.01.What is your view on the anti-semite terrorists(the Hamas terrorists)who started this war Helen?

@17.06.What is your view on the the anti-semite Hamas terrorists who started this Anne?

Question Author

Ynna, I don't want this thread to go over old ground.  I'd rather stick to the the question of the moral principles of an organisation that would kidnap and hold such very vulnerable hostages - and those of anyone who supports them as many of the marching flag-wavers appear to.

C'mon the first answer is clearly the best answer.

(I need some best answers. Sandy removed the one he gave me when he sobered up)

It's heartbreaking. 

Not you Roy, sorry.

At the risk of more abuse, what about all the Palestinian babies and mums that are suffering.  You obviously just don't care about them Naomi.  





@17.15.Aye,someone has to take sandyrow to task for his pro-terrorist views.The mods and eds on here prefer sandys fascism.Not good enough,Ed.

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Gaza Hostage Gives Birth

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