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The Israeli / Palestinian Conflict In Ten Minutes

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sp1814 | 13:37 Wed 11th Oct 2023 | News
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I was hoping someone would put out an explainer.

Very useful for those who want an understanding of how we got to where we are today.



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Well, bully for you!  That'll work!

^That to untitled.  

@07.44.It would be a hard job for Untitled to chase Naomi,Douglas,as he has just been counted out.Poor old Untitled,doesnt know when he has been KOd by a lady.

Untitled - “... if you think i am intellectually stunted then perhaps you could use your dizzying intellect to explain the moral difference between butchering a family with knives or guns and blowing up an apartment building full of families? explain to me how one is acceptable and the other isn't...”

Easy.  In fact, by not understanding the moral difference between the two scenarios you've postulated, you’ve proven my thesis about you.

However, allow me to elaborate.  The murderous Hamas deliberately target unarmed men, women and children.  Their goal is to maximise civilian deaths as much as possible.  Israel, on the other hand, do everything in their power to minimise civilian casualties.  The IDF make contact with civilians before targeting a building, thereby giving the inhabitants the opportunity to leave before a strike.

Therefore, the moral difference is intent.  The fact that you apparently see no difference suggests to me that you are morally deficient and likely intellectually stunted.

I hope that clarifies matters.  Are we clear now?

To expand on my comment above, you are aware, are you not, that Hamas deliberately embed their military apparatus within civilian areas?  They position their rocket launchers and military chain of command facilities next to schools, hospitals and residential buildings.  They constructed their headquarters beneath a hospital for crying out loud.

They do this to maximise civilian casualties on their own side when Israel counterattacks.  Hamas not only has murderous intent towards Israel and Jews in general, but they don’t even care one jot about the Palestinian people either.  They’ve recently issued a blanket order telling civilians not to vacate buildings when Israel warns the inhabitants of an imminent strike, thereby condemning their own people to death so that Hamas can profit in the anti-Israeli propaganda war.

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The Israeli / Palestinian Conflict In Ten Minutes

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