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Quite A Big Fire To Wake Up To

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ichkeria | 08:21 Sat 29th Apr 2023 | News
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Early film of this is impressive :-)

Russia hits civilians (25 dead in two missile attacks yesterday)
Ukraine hits strategic targets.
Who’s got the better idea?


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Well there goes the clean air zone.
The Russians will continue to deny that they are targeting civilian areas. I just wish the stranglehold that Russia has on its media etc could be broken so the Russian people could see what is really going on
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The BBC - unintentionally no doubt parroting - the Russian reference to an “oil tank”
That’s a very big tank.
Yesterday the headlines talked of “25 dead in missile strikes across Ukraine” where it was actually 2 out of 23 missiles that were not zapped killing 23 in Uman and 2 in Dnipro: the dead in Uman include boys aged 1 and 16 and girls aged 8, 11 and 14.
The two killed in Dnipro were a young mum and her 2 year old daughter
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Meanwhile the Russian- installed grad if occupied Donetsk claimed a bus in the city was hit by a Ukrainian missile, killing all on board except the driver.
As they usually do in cases like this they released a picture - of a burned out bus.
I’ll stick my neck out and say; “fake news”
This will sound flippant and I suppose it is, but I can't help thinking that the climate protestors should be helped to descend 'en masse' on Russia.
Otherwise, obviously it is obscene and evil to deliberately target civilians; but Russia, equally obviously, has a long-term 'demoralise to win' philosophy. Russian history does not give cause for optimism when it comes to caring about human life.
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I think that’s about to become “demoralise and lose”
I can only hope so Ich..
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It’s coming ;-)

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Quite A Big Fire To Wake Up To

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