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Energy Bill Support - Direct Debits

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barney15c | 17:36 Sat 01st Oct 2022 | News
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The government will be giving £400 support to all customers to help with rising energy costs.
Will this reduce the direct debit payments (can this be deducted) or is it just added to your bill and in time reduce the direct payments when the companies make adjustments?


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Bulb has just reduced my DD from £300 a month to £277. They said the reduction includes the subsidy.
It depends how much you owe and how much you are expected to use over the coming months. The £400 will be paid in six monthly instalments directly to your energy company. If you owe them a lot of money you won't get a reduction in your DD
I’m with British Gas. Once my payment for the month is received they will then refund the £66. I think different suppliers have different ways of refunding £66.
DD going from 90 to 110. I'm expecting Shell will only take about 50 from my next 6 DDs.
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If you have dual energy, is the £66/7 split between the two bills?
you only get one bill with dual - includes both gas & leccy
I only get one bill. It itemizes how much is leccy and how much is gas
Barney's question is a good one. We understand that the £400 will be drip fed into out energy acocunts, but will our direct debits be reduced by £66 automatically for the next 6 months or will they continue to collect our money and we have wait for the account to be reviewed?
Basically. Nobody but nobody knows the right way of it at all
Plenty folk know what is happening, in Great Britain at least.

This links details how the fuel companies will be passing on the money to their customers.
Still too complicated.
Good link thecorbyloon. Maybe people are very intrusions of energy cos and this goverment but the details have been given on martin lewis sites etc and customers can always query there dd
Not complicated to me jennyJoan... especially if they reduce your dd or credit your bank... what's complicated
JJ, from the link,

"Households in Northern Ireland will also receive the non-repayable £400 grant in line with the rest of the UK. Again we've asked how and when this will be paid, and will update this story when we know more."

Folk in Ulster won't start being paid until November so there is plenty time for the guidance to be provided.
Faaticus.. what's your antitruss thing got to do with q. Start a new thread or keep quiet
Just checked my account with Bulb and the energy payment of £66 has been added to my credit amount.
//Faaticus.. what's your antitruss thing got to do with q. Start a new thread or keep quiet//

Because it’s obvious that it’s causing confusion for some and it’s not helping with even the PM getting her sums wrong and giving misinformation, hence I posted the link for explanation purposes.

So why don’t you keep quiet yourself or explain it for everyone, you moron?

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Energy Bill Support - Direct Debits

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