Light At The End Of The Covid Tunnel.

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saintpeter48 | 18:11 Mon 23rd Nov 2020 | News
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What do you think, how long will it take to get back to ''normal'', when can we start jetting off to warmer climates, without restrictions, when will the pubs, clubs and hotels open their doors with ''normal'' hours, etc etc.
Its got to good news, surely!


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We've done okay with polio, diphtheria and other things we have vaccines for, Sharon so I don't see why this should be any different...well I hope so. Indeed, Atheist. But for those of us who have rethought the way we live and are doing something about it our normal wouldn't be bad...or at least the very best we can make it for the planet. I do take your point...
21:12 Mon 23rd Nov 2020
//We've done okay with polio, diphtheria and other things we have vaccines for, Sharon so I don't see why this should be any different...well I hope so.//

So do I. I really do. But...

Diphtheria vaccine took around 20 years to develop fully.

Polio – twelve years.

Other things:

Typhoid – At least 25 years.

Whooping Cough – more than ten years.
Indeed, NJ. But have you read how every stage of the development of this vaccine has been expedited? Have you read the reasons why other vaccines took so long?
Oxford didn't begin developing in March. They were already planning and working on a Coronavirus vaccine. It just needed tweaking and of course funding. Money suddenly became no object and the path through testing and licensing has also been smoother than in years gone by when urgency wasn't a factor.
We read an interesting article today because we were asking much the same question as you. We have a personal interest in the Oxford vaccine team and follow it closely in news and otherwise. I'll find a link and post it.

Thank you, Atheist for BA.

A long but fascinating article.
im an optimist and think things will slowly get back to a new kind of normal, jobs will be created where they were lost, i like to think people who have longer term symptoms of covid recover, science has come a long way since early vaccines came about and the technology that goes hand in hand with it, i think of vinyl records and now streaming, let alone movies.. marvelous stuff, although i do like vinyl records still.
Yes I did have a quick read of the histories, gness (though it was only cursory). I do accept that technology if far more advanced now and that in this case money was indeed no object. Despite some on here suggesting I am a "Covid denier" I am not. I just disagree with the way it has been dealt with, but that's not for this thread. So I have no qualms about taking the vaccine and will have it as soon as it is available to me. Anything is better than living the way we all are at present. I will also be more than happy to be proved wrong as I suggested a vaccine would not be available any time soon. I really do hope it's a success.
Groovists lives matter.
I don't disagree with you, NJ on the way it has been dealt with.

I also hope a successful vaccine is available soon and we will both be here on AB crossing swords in ten years time...after a night out at the pub........ :-)
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I heard a scientist on the radio giving this analogy on how the vaccine was created, he said that it's like making a cake, you have the basic ingredients for the cake, but later you add a few chocolate chips to make it taste different, same with the vaccine, you've had the basic ingredients for many years and just need to tweak it a bit.
And that should have been thank you, StP.....multitasking is difficult these days... :-(
Exactly, StP...and that is just what Oxford has done.
How many people are going to have the vaccine then think they are immediately immune?
I assume some will march around merrily with confidence in their own safety but still be carrying the virus to infect other people.
The vaccine still needs the backup of protection measure and distancing.
(This need not apply to the young and arrogant who think they are immune anyway) measureS

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Light At The End Of The Covid Tunnel.

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