Student Union Call For De Montfort University To Be Renamed …

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naomi24 | 09:34 Tue 24th Nov 2020 | News
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…. because of links to historical anti-Semitism. De Montfort University is named after Simon De Montfort, a 13th knight known as the father of democracy.

I wonder how many of them supported Jeremy Corbyn and his anti-Semitic cronies? Perhaps they're so busy trumpeting 'woke' that they completely missed the connection.


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Is it so difficult in this day and age for people in charge to take a deep breath and tell agitators to *** off?
Question Author
A 13th *century* knight ...
I wonder how the genealogies of these people on a witch hunt would stand up to scrutiny?
If the students don't wish to be linked to Simon de Montford they should be told to apply to a different university.
Ye Gods and Little Fishes!

I would have much more respect for them if they made some effort to try and rid the world of the slavery and anti-semitism that is still practised now than concern themselves with something that happened in the 13th century.

That was then and not now. Have they all looked into their own backgrounds and what are they going to do if they find something nasty there? Self-flagellation in the main square? Denouncing and repudiating all their ancestors?

Please let us look to the here-and-now and the future and try to make that more tolerant and understanding and not back to the past like that.

I do understand about persecution in a family background. I say no more.
In the 13th century you would be hard-pushed to find anyone who was not anti-semitic. Thirty years after de Montfort King Edward I expelled all Jews from England. It was 350 years before they were allowed to return under Oliver Cromwell.
It won’t be long before there are calls for A Merchant of Venice, Oliver Twist and the musical Oliver! to be banned
I loathe any form of discrimination and slave labour, but I do wonder how many of these people look at how their £100.00 trainers and a whole host items of clothing are produced using slave labour, with people working in dreadful conditions and earning little money for many hours. The next thing you know, the students will be going on strike!
///The next thing you know, the students will be going on strike!///

How would we tell....? :o)

More ridiculousness, from people with too much time on their hands, which needs to be nipped in the bud.
good point about being supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, bet they don't put two and two together.
Can they put two and two together?
They should put more of their energy into solving problems NOW, not what happened in centuries past.
Whatever they think of the past, they cannot change it.
Look to the future and try and ensure whatever wrongs are not repeated.
Arithmetic was never Corbyn's forte, which is why he needed the services of Ms Abbott, Labour's answer to Carol Vorderman.
i wonder how many look into their own family history, bet some would be horrified if they found slavers and privateers amongst their ancestors.
Just a blatant post to ‘ get at ‘ Corbyn. Sloppy work Naomi . :-)
as opposed to the serial Boris bashers you mean.
Boris has a university names after him ? I did not know that .
Question Author
To 'get at Corbyn', anneasquith, 'work' of any description is surplus to requirements. His reputation precedes him.
13th C ? I'm no historian but wasn't everyone prejudiced and even suspicious of the next village in medieval Britain ?

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Student Union Call For De Montfort University To Be Renamed …

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