Cineworld Closing

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fender62 | 13:29 Mon 05th Oct 2020 | News
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this was inevitable, and not just because of covid, streaming has taken over sadly.
but i do think they could have...say for example had double or even triple bill films
of classics, plenty of trilogies, and for me old black n white classics, and hot besides hot dogs
and popcorn, and maybe even beer wine etc..certainly get me out.


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I lament the demise of the drive in cinema. You could have one or two viewers in the car (that paid) and many hiding in the trunk/boot. Watch the movie with a crappy speaker attached to your window and indulge with what ever you didn't have to buy from their overpriced shops.
08:41 Tue 06th Oct 2020
But would people have come? The experience of anything in a public arena thse days is totally spoilt be it the boozer eating out or theatre.
Most people who go to the cinema these days, go to watch the well publicised new films. If they want to watch old films they can do that on telly. I go to watch the Event cinema, of which Cineworld show very few. Like with live theatre, I think live cinema is a special experience, so I don’t think the fact people stream stuff is actually the problem. It’s quite simply that, without the blockbuster films that are not being released, it is not financially viable to keep the cinemas open.
Movie Theaters are not gone for good, because films have to make money, and an initial release in theaters has been a proven way of generating cash.
Obviously, that model does not work in a pandemic. Assuming we eventually gain control over corona virus, then audiences can return.
If not then a lot less movies will get made, streaming alone cannot make up for lost box office.
They were running classics, but there's just not enough of an audience for films you can watch in the comfort of your own home. Especially when they have to run half-full screenings at most anyway.

if people think they'd be taking a risk sitting in a cinema for two hours, would they be more likely to do it for six hours and a glass of chardonnay?
The PM has just been on the news telling people to go to the cinema.

How can you compare the cinema with a huge screen, the sound and popcorn to watching a film on telly?
Put your nose 2 inches from your TV. And then get someone to play a game on their phones either side of you.
I went to see Tenet about 10 days ago and there were so few people distancing was not necessary as we were 8 rows from the nearest people.
//…streaming has taken over sadly.//

That’s strange because 30 years or so ago people said exactly the same thing when videotape players and DVD players became widespread. But they didn’t kill the cinema and I doubt streaming will. Some people like to go to the cinema. I’m not among them and I haven’t been to a cinema since 1979. Mainly because of this:

//Put your nose 2 inches from your TV. And then get someone to play a game on their phones either side of you.//

I would also add “turn the volume up to unbearable levels and get your neighbouring viewers to eat and drink snacks for two hours whilst chatting to each other about every scene in the film.”

So the closure of cinemas will make no difference to me. But it will to some and that’s a shame.
No need to sit 2 inches from the TV...get one of these.
I may have to knock a hole in the wall to get it to fit, ginge
Oh the joy of going to the cinema

Two dozen trailers before the film starts / the rattling of overpriced cardboard popcorn / having to get up out of your seat to let some one out / the screen lights from mobile phones / the snogging in the back row ( I can feel a song coming on )

What's not to like ?

I tend to go to the cinema when there is a 007 release

Ginge: //....get one of these //

Choose life.
Choose a job.
Choose a career.
Choose a family,
Choose a......
for once I agree with NJ I think the last time I went to the movies was some 30 years ago in America. As well as it being noisy and generally unpleasant, its so expensive!
To be clear about what Boris said, he said that cinemas had organised Covid safe methods for people to to go and therefore he encouraged them to go out and enjoy themselves.
I think it's sad, not least because people will lose jobs. The nearest Cineworld to me is stating that they have no films to show which is why they are closing.
well they can't blame Boris for that!
I haven’t been to the flicks since The Lord of The Rings.
It was TOO LOUD. I suppose it’s somewhere to go on a wet day/night.
I should've added i was never a fan of multiplexes. I luckily worked in 2 arts cinemas for about 9yrs. More civilised experience.
I haven't been in years. It's not only expensive, but it less comfortable than being at home... and with Netflix, Prime etc, there just seems no need.

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Cineworld Closing

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