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douglas9401 | 18:50 Mon 21st Sep 2020 | News
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Having just watched the BBC news where a Northern Ireland reporter talked of a ban on going into the homes of others I have a question.

Would my daughter be wasting her time and money in going ahead with a planned visit to see an old schoolfriend over there for a few days?



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As used to be the rule in England, two households can't mix together in NI unless they've formed an exclusive 'bubble'.

Such bubbles are only possible where one of the two households has no more than one adult in it and where neither of the two households has already joined an existing bubble with a third household.

Once a household has formed a bubble with another household, they can't then 'burst' that bubble and create a new bubble with a different household.
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Looks like she's staying home.

If I were her I’d go anyway. Just no hugging or shaking hands. Take her own water bottle, cutlery and plastic box for food.
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Daughter and one other were staying at the friends home in Belfast, Cloverjo so looks like the rules will put an end to plans for the meantime.
It's a pity that your plans have had to be shelved but there are an awful lot of selfish people here in Northern Ireland who have refused to observe social distancing - selfishness seen in abundance this summer around the north coast and other holiday venues where incomers and holidaymakers have crowded and thronged, with no attempt at social distancing and no regard for the health and safety either of residents or other holidaymakers. Upshot is, the numbers in hospital and intensive care with Covid have been steadily increasing across Northern Ireland, and further restrictions are now inevitable for this little corner of the country. I hope you can schedule your visit before too long. Meanwhile, stay safe, it's not worth the risk.

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Visiting Belfast

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