Pandemic Lockdown Relaxations And Trans People

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Zacs-Master | 11:07 Tue 19th May 2020 | News
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When two strange worlds collide.....


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I didn't realise the BBC had a "Gender and identity correspondent".
the trans community were most put out going into lockdown. (I have a thread about it on here. Not sure I got any replies)
I suspect they're not keen on anything that knocks them from the headlines. (centre of attention)
Marvellous use of the Licence Fee, ff.
Question Author
Well, I think the G&I correspondent is worth the license fee on their own! I mean, how else would we learn about Panamanian Trans issues. It’s No1 on my ‘what’s happening in the crisis’ question, is it not yours?

No, you say! Well, I’ll go t’foot of our stairs.
I was looking for my Trans/Covid thread. I have an awful lot of Trans threads. One might think I was either a Transphobe or a little too interested in the subject.
I'm sure the NHS produced a special leaflet for men who give birth during a pandemic.
Another organisation with a tight grip on Public Money and reality.
Groan ....
Question Author
Trans-Curious, eh, spicey?
Yes, Z, cunningly disguised as criticisms.
Question Author
Ah, yes. All clear now ;-)
That’s enough nonsense now children, off to bed with you.
Perhaps they should organise a rota on a three day basis. Men one day, women the next, and the rest the next.
There aren't "the rest" though... perhaps people should just stick with the advice given.
Oh what a World We Live In. I remember when it was, "He might be a vicious thug and psychopath", but he is good to his old mam and looks after his little sisters. Now it is "He might be a trans prostitute", but.....
They even wrote "I fancied some marinated chicken in a rich spicy tomato sauce"...Haha. Don't know about two strange Worlds colliding but the surreal and the sensible certainly did.
Thing is the Daily Beep insists that there are 100 genders........that would take some sorting out. Wouldn't be enough chickens to go round for one thing.

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Pandemic Lockdown Relaxations And Trans People

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