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Storm Ciara: Further Idiocy

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ChillDoubt | 12:37 Tue 11th Feb 2020 | News
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...and placing Rescue workers/volunteers in heightened danger through lunacy:

It’s obvious from the statement by Lochaber Rescue Team that they’re fed up of ill-equipped morons endangering all concerned. As I said on the surfer thread, this needs to be made an offence.


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Anyone who can defend this on the basis that they walked Ben Nevis or Llanberis pass in trainers one summer's day is as stupid as those who did it in Winter and shows a complete lack of knowledge. I doubt a single member of a mountain rescue team would agree with you TD.
14:06 Tue 11th Feb 2020
Thanks, Mamya. I was pleased that the walkers apologised - I'd rather they'd been silly and contrite than arrogant and unapologetic!
Yes it's good they have spoken out an apologised.

Thank god they were able to.

If these hikers died even more time resources and effort would have been spent, and waited.

update, not only donated £1000 but given gifts, nice gesture.
Vulcan, the gifts and donation were mentioned earlier, but I've noticed Mamya's link says the latter was £200, you mention £1000. It doesn't matter, really - the apology was equally important!
"The team said efforts should be focused on increasing awareness of mountain safety and weather forecasts, adding that the rescued four men should be "cut a little bit of slack"."

Lovely donation and for your life being saved why wouldn't you be thankful and offering! Lovely end to what could have been, a 4 dead body man hunt.
That’s good. I can imagine some idiots saying ‘That’s what the rescuers are there for, isn’t it?’
Nical, my apologies, I don't know where the £1000 came from, apart from my confused brain.
Vulcan2, as I said - it didn't really matter, but I was puzzled!
They made a ridiculous mistake. We are all allowed one . I’m sure these young men are well aware of the danger they and the rescuers were in. With luck this stupidity may well prevent a similar incident .
"With luck this stupidity may well prevent a similar incident"

You can only cross your fingers.

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Storm Ciara: Further Idiocy

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