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The rot has set in Mozz, and it isn't likely to mend.
My option is still Jess Phillips. She seems intelligent, likeable and not likely to suffer fools and bullshippers lightly.
Oh dear! Lady Nugee has confirmed she will stand. Perish the thought.
Bad news for anyone who owns a white van and a union jack then :-)
Hopefully Labour Party members will act stupidly and vote for somebody else.
I wonder if people actually want the UK to become a one party state, or whether they simply want the Labour Party move to the middle grand.

Your question is better addressed to the Labour Party, sp.

As mentioned in passing on last night's news: Tony Blair is the only Labour leader to win an election in the last 45 years and the only Labour leader born within the last 100 years to win an election ...

41 to 47 of 47rss feed

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David Lammy For Leader Of The Labour Party?

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