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Children Forced To Live In Shipping Containers.

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anotheoldgit | 12:28 Thu 22nd Aug 2019 | News
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I my day (the days before pills of contraception, benefits, food banks and free meals)we didn't go in for children before we had a roof over our heads and could also afford to keep them.

Now we hear of parents unable to feed their children while they are on holiday and therefore not available for free meals.

What must be addressed is why they continue to have children when they can't house them or even feed them?

And of course Mass Immigration is never highlighted as a reason for lack of housing, is it?



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Whilst any roof and four walls is better than nine, the trouble is that there's no clear meaning of temporary.

The containers would be best kept for single adults or couples.
Glad of pre-fab housing in your day, AOG. Some people still live in them. (and love them)
Yesterday's report (probably aBBC) was complete with Muslima, 4 kids and the best compo face I've ever seen.
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/// Glad of pre-fab housing in your day, AOG. ///

Never lived in one but yes they were not bad they even had fridges, when most houses never had one.
Due to the lack of housing I would have thought that factory manufactured sections and put together on site would be a cheap and fast way to increase our housing stocks.

Why they ever build houses by putting one small brick on top of another, I just don't know.
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/// Yesterday's report (probably aBBC) was complete with Muslima, 4 kids and the best compo face I've ever seen. ///

Makes one wonder how these containers compare to their housing conditions in far away Pakistan.
It's what happens when there is no policy to get the size of the population down to manageable levels. Folk given child benefit, no encouragement for restraint in producing offspring, net immigration with targets not for zero nor minus but a massive annual input which isn't even achieved. If you fail as a government to plan, then you plan to fail.

Meanwhile, despite not being ideal accommodation, it's working for now, and means those folk aren't homeless.

And that's before discussing whether folk got into that position by bad luck or irresponsibility.
There's no doubt that post war prefabs did a good job and many lasted well beyond their intended lifespan and some even won design awards.

Lots had 2 bedrooms . some had 3
and some more for larger families.

Unless these storage containers are knocked together/extended and designed for housing, they are a poor substitute - most especially for children.
//Makes one wonder how these containers compare to their housing conditions in far away Pakistan//
they have toilets, running water, heating, fridges, cooker.
meanwhile ex servicemen live on the streets, but that's ok as there just men...
Servicemen deserve suitable places to live in, as does everyone.

Is this thread about poor housing conditions or slagging off foreigners?
Yes prefabs where great, with all the technology and high tec materials that are available today, they could if they wanted to build a modern for of prefab. The problem is not the building of such a low cost home, its the greedy land grabbers, who then only want to build up market expensive homes.
I dont see a problem, thses are converted containers - insulated and equipped. This sort of accommodation should be used for the newcomers and those that make the rock and roll their living rather than them jumping the housing list over the local working inhabitants. Might just put a few off.

"Is this thread about poor housing conditions or slagging off foreigners?"

No, it's more about getting your wn population house first, then maybe helping a few true asylum seekers rahter than bringing in the Worlds poor and paying for them over and above the indigenous population.
There's a connection, mamya. Normal people can see it.
Question Author

/// Is this thread about poor housing conditions or slagging off foreigners? ///

Although the snowfakes amongst us would wish us not to bring foreigners into the debate, they are part of the problem regarding the housing shortage, so in that context they are not immune from being included.
I think that worse than the containers is the office blocks converted into flats that are even smaller.
More comparing with real unfortunates than slagging off anyone.
I don't know any snowflakes, I do know you'd make a thread about anything into your pet subject.

Equally as bad Danny, I agree.
as was mentioned, they could build prefab houses, but it's a buyers market..poor low paid dont count, the technology is there.
slightly of topic, i have a neighbor who recently passed away
her two sons never moved, they were born in her council property
she was 80 odd, now the sons have to move out, and another also
recently moved back in, his wife ejected him out of there house, after suffering a heart attack..nice lady sickness and health, mmm
thye all have to leave..said council that was well maintained, rent never in arrears, these fellows are in there 50's, i feel for them.
i imagine some single mother with x amount of kids will get it
probably on benefits, and never paid into the system, worse a foreigner...
they come here, they live in our containers...
Unfortunately most of them dont jno.
Question Author

/// I don't know any snowflakes, ///

Now there is a surprise, but then I didn't expect you to admit that you did.

"My pet subject"??? It would seem that I cannot claim it as mine alone, since the subject attracts the attention of a good number of fellow ABers.

One could say that the subject is even more popular than your own pet subject, Night Night Song From Mamya♥.
What relevance does any of than answer have to your own thread aog? Do try stay on track for your own sake.

I'm under the impression many people fleeing their country are trying to escape war and poverty... Maybe these people use to have a roof over their head, but they do no more, meaning they have to try find one.

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Children Forced To Live In Shipping Containers.

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