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Weel, apart from the fact that it's at least 4 months old, you probably won't see many foreign-language political speeches on any news station in any country.
Not when it shows politicians behaving like civilised human beings and not like some public school debating club after party you won't.
The BBC won’t show that because it shows up all the remain bias.

Remainers don’t want to hear about reality. They want to hear from their own bubble with voices saying how wonderful the EU is and how much they want further federalisation.

The vast majority of leavers, as far as I can assertion, started out pragmatically with wanting and rather expecting a mutually respectful deal.

Then it became clear neither the EU or remainextremists wanted to do that, and it was at that point leavers became more galvanised and latched onto WTO terms.

So no. The BBC won’t broadcast anything like this and if they did it would be edited to appear as far right rhetoric.

If I can summarise cassa's points:

^Rather they’re all out to keep us!! Oh how they love our money!

That must have stung.
Great speech, but the mandarins of the EU will totally ignore it.
Not just the money, Naomi. She mentions that, together with GB and a few minor nations, a 35% minority blocking vote was always achievable. Once we've gone, it would seem that Macron has enough followers within the EU to 'reach into community funds'.
Danny, has as been stated, the speech (i agree, a great one) was made 4 months ago. The mandarins of the EU have already ignored it.
Sure I've seen that before. Was it not linked to from here previously ?
What a wonderful speech, I can’t remember this being on here,4 month ago seems to have been hidden away,
I really have changed my opinion of Nigel ,very clever and articulate man.he should team up with the lady who made the speech.
I linked it but ignored. Thanx Webbo for hilighting the vid.
No comment ≠ ignored !
Brilliant speech, best one yet in our favour.

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