Why Is No One Talking About Sudan?

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spathiphyllum | 15:47 Thu 13th Jun 2019 | News
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It's a media black out. Big surprise.


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It's Sudan not South Sudan. Urgent question asked in the House of Commons this morning.
16:14 Thu 13th Jun 2019
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That seems to be quite true NJ, it's a shame.
//Notre dam is preserved online, in games, in memory, in books, in films. You really think if it burned down, that'd be it all forgotten and gone? //

I think you underestime the importance of history and heritage Spath.

Look what ISIS did to the beautiful ancient city of Palmyra. But that's ok in your book, we can have our memories and read about how astonishing a place it was before great swathes of it was ruined...
//When Grenfell burned down, where was the support//

Come off it spath! Grenfell got enormous support.
ag, something about knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.....
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"Come off it spath! Grenfell got enormous support. "

Yes, but no financial support. Heck people are still living in temp accommodation.
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"But that's ok in your book"

I never said that. It's unfair to put implications in my mouth.
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I have always been against the Syrian destruction. How could you imply i'm not.
Naomi at 10.06 - spot on.
no financial support?
they got thousands
Spath, you could substitute Notre Dam for any important structure.

Memories and history books,internet cannot replace the real thing.
Rockrose, make that many millions.
//I have always been against the Syrian destruction. How could you imply i'm not//

I didn't.
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It was always going to get rebuilt, regardless of the millions of suport
Right spath, you've had a couple of digs about animal cruelty, so I'll have my say now. Whether you (or anyone else for that matter) likes it or not, I prefer animals to people and a 'joke' about kicking a defenceless animal is NOT a joke in my opinion, I wasn't laughing and yes, I care more about abused donkeys in Egypt, or indeed anywhere else in the world, than I do about all your ramblings on this thread over the sudan !!! I agree with Baldric to be honest and it was something I was tempted to say, but decided to stay off this thread until I read your comments about dog kicking and donkey neglect and then I didn't want to stay off it ! You may not like my views or even give a stuff that I've posted, but let me assure you, I don't give a stuff about your views, or any moron on here who likes to post nasty comments about hurting a defenceless animal. Phew, I feel better now ..
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"I agree with Baldric to be honest and it was something I was tempted to say"

You honestly nearly came on to a thread about rape, murder of innocent people, including children by their own milita to say "Who cares" but didn't? and instead you read into something that wasn't there about some random made up scenario and came in with some hysteria. And then you still said that you agree with baldrics apathy?

Am i understanding that correctly?
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"A military backlash against pro-democracy protesters poses yet another lethal threat to a nation of children suffering from decades of conflict and deprivation."

We're just so lucky, aint we, that we can sit there and not care about these things! Hurr Durr
I've said all I'm going to say.

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