Why Is No One Talking About Sudan?

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spathiphyllum | 15:47 Thu 13th Jun 2019 | News
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It's a media black out. Big surprise.


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It's Sudan not South Sudan. Urgent question asked in the House of Commons this morning.
16:14 Thu 13th Jun 2019
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I'm sorry if this thread causes anyone distress.
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Not enough. No where near enough. But oh my god farage and jo brand... -.-

This is some realll ***
There you go, spath. It's there is you want to read it - and now you're talking about it.
I take it we are talking about Southern Sudan?
Not looking at the pictures.
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Why does no one else seem to care?

Is is because Sudan has an internet black out and can't get the attention they need?

How many abers are even aware of the issues Sudan is facing at the moment?
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Ladybirder, i advise you to not look at the photos. Very distressing.
other than talk about it, what can we do? are you advocating the government embroil us in another sovereign nation's civil war?
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No, but i think we can make some noise and try to highlight an issue that people are trying to suppress.
spath, which pictures are you looking at? I can't see any that are distressing.
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Via the twitter link to the hashtag "Sundan Massacre" (link two)
//people are trying to suppress. //

which people? google "south sudan" on the news tab, there's loads of hits from all sorts of sources - reliable sources such as Reuters, as well as UK publications. if there's any attempt at supression it's failing.
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Mushroom,OK.. however, your tone is implying my thread is moot or unwarrented?

Sudan has an internet black out, people are being GTA'd in the street, whipped, beat, murdered, dragged out their cars, left to rot outside schools.
What do you suggest we do, spath?
Spath, I ask again, is it Southern Sudan?
//Sudan has an internet black out,//

if there was a civil war here, the authorities would do the same; and outside observers would be in the same situation as we are now. you've read, and you've highlighted, so we've read. beyond that, there's not much we can do. we could lobby our own parliament, but what good would that do? we could muster a relief fund but until the war ends there would be no way of delivering anything meaningful. the UN can tut at the Sudanese authorities but they will be ignored.
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"Spath, I ask again, is it Southern Sudan?"

I'm not 100% sure.

"What do you suggest we do, spath?"

AB often just discusses things and tries to highlight aspects of them without having to actively physically do something about the issues we're discussing.

Mushroom, then it is shameful of the UN. They need to provide strong action.
It's Sudan not South Sudan.
Urgent question asked in the House of Commons this morning.

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