Labour Won Peterborough

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Spicerack | 02:04 Fri 07th Jun 2019 | News
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Big turn up for the books.


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12:56 Fri 07th Jun 2019
Question Author
Why did they win?
What does it all mean now?
I'm going to cry "Foul!".

That's respectable, even required, if you don't get the result you want, isn't it?

Let's start with this question: how large was the postal vote?
Why did they win? They got more votes
What does it all mean now? It means that everybody is confused. If MPs spent more time running the country and less time bickering and backstabbing they'd get more done.

Vote for Larry, Gladstone and Palmerston :-)
//Vote for Larry, Gladstone and Palmerston//

I think I know Larry. He was a puppet, wasn't he? Specifically a lamb? God knows who the other two Wolf mentions are.
Question Author
She (the new MP) just said the many anti-semitic posts she supported were a mistake.
The 'postal voters' will be furious.
Question Author
Cats, ve. Wolf is a mad cat lady.
Then I with my six cats love Wolf. C'est forcément.
Peut-être c'est forcé.
The Brexit Party who will probably do very well, at the expense of the Conservatives. The LibDems where unlikely to do well so it was a two horse race.

Labour wins because the Tory and Brexit opposition split the anti Labour vote.
The Conservatives managed to beat the Green Party :-)
Combine the Tory and Brexit vote and Labour are well beaten. Clearly insufficient Tories defected to hand labour the seat.
I`m guessing Labour wont be asking for a second vote on this one.
Disappointing result from Peterborough. They had a chance to shake off the same old liars, but instead have gone for more of the same. Ain’t no cure for etc.
//Let's start with this question: how large was the postal vote?//

Whilst considering the "postal vote" also consider that demographically over 20% of the population of Peterborough are not of British descent.
looks like the electorate has no issue with the Labour Party’s present attitude to Judaism
Bookies and experts eh?
You should have stuck with your original prediction Gromit :-)
Plainly local/other issues trumped Brexit - a millionaire parachuted in by the Brexit Party was maybe not to everyone’s taste.
I’d say this result has grave implications for the Tories. Not because they lost but because Labour, not their militant offshoot, won.
But if they think doing Brexit will save them I think they might be mistaken.
05. 09 J/D. "Combine the Tory and Brexit votes and Labour are well beaten". They were not beaten though were they J/D , they WON.
^^^they certainly did - with a resounding victory of less than 700 votes over a party established less than 6 months ago.
A missed opportunity for all, but c’est la vie. Onwards & upwards.

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Labour Won Peterborough

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