Missouri Latest State To Move To Restrict Abortion Laws

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spathiphyllum | 13:11 Fri 17th May 2019 | News
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Restrict the laws or restrict the grounds for abortion? If it is the latter then they are making a retrograde step...I am assuming that the law makers are old white men without wives, daughters or other females in their lives.I suppose they are of the same persuasion as the judge who virtually let off the preacher who raped his daughter on the grounds that the preacher is a good godly man.........
Try to use a little gumption
Don't base your posts upon assumption
Tell us what you knows you knows
No-one cares what you suppose
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This has become a hostile topic in america. Maybe states have become hostile over abortion, others just tightening the laws.
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Yass Queeen - Thanx
Spicerack...check it out...I am right...of course!
I very much doubt it. Got a link?
If you look at Alabama the governor is a woman.

The stricter abortion laws coming along at present are, as Ive said before, a direct push back on up to and at birth abortions.

The myth that at birth abortions are rare and exceptional is just that. A myth. There is virtually no reason that will stop you getting an at birth abortion.

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Missouri Latest State To Move To Restrict Abortion Laws

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