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Time To Reign In Social Media?

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youngmafbog | 13:22 Mon 13th May 2019 | News
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Today it seems too easy to trash someones life over nothing and in some cases it is just that lies and rumour, now we have potentially malicious rumours that could cause a run on a Bank. We have also seen people die becasue of social media content.

Is it time to make the Social media companies responsible, not just for removing content but providing proof of who posted it?

Then those responsible should be prosecuted.

It has to get to that point as some time as people are just not responsible but when will enough be enough?


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AB is social media. Would you be prepared to post under your own name?
jno beat me to it - as AB is social media do you suggest that we prosecute those that cause trouble on here with their name calling?
That may turn out to be a double edged sword, Rockrose, especially for those who suffer from the red mist when challenged.
Exactly or the ones that routinely use name calling in their OP's
The issue with social media is fake news isn't stomped out ASAP. The good thing about social media is, it can spread true news rapidly.

The issue is the social platforms need to monitor what's going viral, and squash it if it's fake news.
"Time To Reign In Social Media?"
Yes. Abolish? No.
"reign in social media" like Zoella?
//AB is social media// Strictly speaking yes it is but it is not a site that is visited by thousands, or as public as Facebook and Twitter etc. and therefore does not get into the public domain.
We should only allow people like the aBBC, CNN and The Guardian to inform us. ;-/
Anything posted here could be linked onto FB or Twitter in a heartbeat.
sure it's in the public domain, dannyk, anyone can access it, anyone can join. Any laws cracking down on Facebook would normally have to crack down on AB as well. If they exempted AB on the grounds that it doesn't have as many members, FB would claim this was a punishment for popularity.

I can't see any logical way of doing this, though ymb may suggest some.
There could be restrictions placed on individual social media sites if they warrant it.I cannot see a blanket raft of restrictions being placed on all sites.
The wonderful EU are already in the process of doing it.
danny, who is going to say who warrants it? If its not going to be a global and blanket thing then it just becomes a tool for the unscrupulous to put businesses off the net.
Woofgang, some sort of licensing authority like the one that controls public houses etc.
Question Author
"jno beat me to it - as AB is social media do you suggest that we prosecute those that cause trouble on here with their name calling?"

No, you have taken it to the extreme, but if someone posts malicious rumours or accusations why shouldn't they be held responsible just as they would be for any other media? I'm not talking name calling here BTW and it is a question.

jno, no, I dont have an answer as I am in two minds over control hence the question.
" Although the objective is to pass around the message without it becoming garbled along the way, part of the enjoyment is that, regardless, this usually ends up happening... It is often invoked as a metaphor for cumulative error, especially the inaccuracies as rumours or gossip spread... It shows how easily information can become corrupted by indirect communication. The game has been used in schools to simulate the spread of gossip and its supposed harmful effects." This is both somewhat descriptive of the game "Chinese Whispers" and social media isn't it? How to 'control' it I have no idea.
Question Author
"I can't see any logical way of doing this, though ymb may suggest some."

Just had a thought, The Government have introduced measures for logging into Adult entertainment sites so not much of a leap to get to social media. Although I hasten to add I am really not sure about doing that.
I've linked this site to FB on numerous occasions.
I have no problem posting on AB under my own name. I am aware that there is name calling and issues when some are challenged. We seem to have sensible moderators and Ed and spare Ed who step in where necessary. We can also report if we have concerns about a post or comments. Maybe the other sites need to follow ab example

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Time To Reign In Social Media?

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