Yellow Vest Protests..

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spathiphyllum | 10:36 Tue 08th Jan 2019 | News
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So, why has the UK media not been sharing footage and publicising the riots in France as much as they could?

France is burning.


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There has been plenty of footage on the news programmes.
^I agree.
sadly french people rioting is old news.
I thought Macron was the Messiah?
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The event is comparable if not worse than the 2011 London riots we saw relatively recently

There has been a lot of footage, and i guess they need to censor certain footage, but i feel it's not been as publicised as it should be, for how serious the situation is.
They seem to be taking it pretty seriously.
In the uk riots are a comparatively rare and shocking thing.
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From the internetz..

"They'll show photos of protestors, maybe a few flares, maybe a fire or two.

None of them will play footage of riot police getting completely over run. None will show footage of the motorways being barricaded and shut down for the 8th week running.

That's because they don't want anyone getting ideas.

It's about optics, mainly. About packaging the story in such a way that they can say they reported it.

But if you arent reporting the over run police, the shut down motorways or the protestors getting sniped, are you really reporting it?

When the Green revolution went through Iran, we got that, footage and all.
When the orange revolution went through the Ukraine, we got that, footage and all.
When the Arab Spring rose up, we got that, footage and all.

When it happens just next door in France, we don't get that.

Why do you think that is? Why the difference in editorial?"
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how serious they take it and how they report on it are not comparable Naomi, everyone knows this is very serious. But not everyone knows what's actually happening.

I repeat.. France, is literally burning.
Well, you seem to know all about it, spath. How is that?
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Live twitter feeds and videos
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That ITV article brings me back to my 09:49 comment.
I'm not sure the carpet's big enough to sweep this under this time.
The granny snatcher has had it. He will just try all dictatorial methods first before he is toppled - and than includes controlling the media where he can and brute force.
Some friends were in Paris at the height of the troubles before Christmas. They saw nothing. The only disruption was that the trains to Versailles were cancelled. It's the usual media hype some people seem to have fallen for.
ZM, France is a very large place.

As with many protests if you are not in the right place at the right time you wont see anything. Just because your mates saw nothing does not mean nowhere in France had protests. For instance I worked in London but missed many of the great unwashed being kettled.
According to the news Paris was virtually burning and by far the worst site of the protests. As i say, my friends saw nothing.

I'm well aware of the size of France after having driven from Cap D'agde to Amiens in one go.
Paris is pretty big too. As I said above I have been in London (City) when large protests are going on but seen nothing.

"'m well aware of the size of France after having driven from Cap D'agde to Amiens in one go."

Well maybe you should have been aware of the thin ness of your statement then?

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Yellow Vest Protests..

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