Are The Politicians Really Serious About Brexit

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needawin | 19:47 Wed 19th Dec 2018 | News
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Watching the shambolic Government live on TV yesterday.
We are rushing headlong into a chaos no one will want.
While the PM was in her usual "my way" rant it was galling to watch the two smirking Cabinet Ministers on her left.
NI Minister Karen Bradley and Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt sharing "funnies on her mobile". Both sitting laughing at a time when they should be more interested in what was being discussed. Obviously sharing the latest "Boris 'Richard Head" Johnson posting.
No wonder we are in the position we are in.


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And Corbyn and his front benchers are any better? Err no.

They are all shambolic but don’t worry too much. Although WTO terms are not as bad as you’ve been led to believe so no real chaos there is the fact TM has the authority to totally decimate the country by ignoring democracy. Now that would be chaos.
Political knockabout occurs regardless of the subject being debated. Has always been about scoring points off the other party. Try not to yet it get to you. Politics and governance carry on in parallel anyway.

As for Brexit, unfortunately the EU ensured there was only one way to exit, and that is to just go; and let them think about what they achieved, in sight of the whole world.
Both parties are seriously letting people down as the moment. Paralysed by the knowledge that serious decisions need to be made and unable to take them. Today’s unbelievable nonsense about Corbyn and his sexist muttering felt like the parliamentary equivalent of straightening the telephone flex.
To paraphrase a well known (book) title: This is "The naked UK" for all to admire or otherwise. Maybe there will be a film and maybe it will be admired and awarded.
*awarded prizes.
just read Animal Farm and you will have full comprehension of politics.

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Are The Politicians Really Serious About Brexit

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