Young Carers, Very Sad Circumstances.

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dave50 | 12:23 Fri 14th Sep 2018 | News
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I find these stories quite upsetting that these youngsters are having to care for their adult relatives. Especially when they are involved in personal care. It's a kind role reversal that should never really happen. If I was ever unfortunate enough to be in the position of having to be looked after by a child, I dont think I would want to allow it, no matter what my needs were. I would want to tell them to go out into the world and get a life. As far as myself would be concerned I would just hope for the best. I am not criticizing these people . It's just my thoughts.


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It's very upsetting and you're right there are many stories like that or similar up and down the country - young carers often don't get the support they need though there are many groups that try to help them.

Love is a powerful bond.
Too much responsibility there. I'd be doing as much for myself as I could and telling her to get out and on with her life.
Allowing children to care for parents and other relatives on a day to day basis and in cluding personal care is, in my mind, totally abusive. What happens is that children have no childhood and deal with things that they should not have to, in order to save the local authorities and other agencies a shed load of money. I have seen and heard the threats that can be used to ensure that this practise continues....'if she (and it is often the girls) doesn't do this then she will have to go into care and the parent to a care home'. It is appalling. It also limits the ability for the child/ren to do well in school and their future. I really have argued this for needs to be put in to help the parent whilst keeping children at home and being children...not unpaid carers. Oh I could really go on and on and on....and get very loud....and have in the past.
Very isolating for one so young Mally.
It is indeed Eleena.....childen in these circumstances often can't take pat in out of school activities of all types...young carers meetings are held..sort of a youth club for those who are losing their youth. No one has ever been able to tell me how that helps...sometimes children are sent to care for relatives other than their parents...what is wrong with assuming that is ok ? Oh I can feel myself shouting at social workers least that is in my head!
take part in...I was ranting in my head there!
Yes, it was upsetting. I'm wondering whether this has always gone on or were things different in some way 50 years ago. Maybe it was less visible then, maybe there were more families with 2 parents so less fell on the youngsters, maybe relatives and neighbours helped more- or maybe some of these people who are cared for at home with mental health issues (which seems to be more of an issue now) were carted off to an institution back in the 1960s
it is indeed sad for a child to have to care to such a level, that it impedes there own childhood and all that goes with it, going out with friends, school then college, having there first girl or boyfriend.

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Young Carers, Very Sad Circumstances.

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