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Poor foreign driver had no idea how ruined this country is.
12:36 Fri 10th Aug 2018

He should be sacked.
What Chris said.
-- answer removed --
No, as his employers have stated.
Should bank cashiers be sacked for asking motor cyclists to remove their helmet
Sparklykid - what has a photocard to do with it - she asked him for a ticket . So obviously did not have a photocard
No, not if his employers have not supported him. It may not be a factor here but I do wonder though how travel passes with photo ID work in such cases- eg my rail card has our photos on
He was not doing it to establish ID - that would be just about OK if she was using a bus pass.

She wasn't - and he was wrong.
No but I`ve got equal contempt for interferring busybodies who insist on filming everything and sticking their oar in.
I happily remove my crash helmet in banks and petrol stations - I would expect a veil to be lifted for ID verification in similar circumstances - but not just because someone was 'scared' or 'offended'.
One of the comments says it all for me
//So she thought it was acceptable to video him but he was not allowed to see her face. Amazing how some people's idea of equality work//
Its not about race or religion, its about public safety. Someone wearing a balaclava wouldnt have been allowed on the bus (or in the bank, shop or anywhere else.
Poor foreign driver had no idea how ruined this country is.
She didnt video him nailit another lady did when he started ranting at her.
Poor driver may not have been fully trained in the rules of the company employing him - that needs attention.
if the Bus company has a policy of only allowing passengers to board their vehicles providing the driver/conductor is able to see all of their face, then he *may* have had a point in requesting that she remove her niqab.
The don't and so he didn't....
Comparisons elsewhere don't match.
Good grief. Initially I thought it was the passenger asking the driver to remove her veil!
Normally I don’t agree with sacking people but this comes close. Not ‘asking someone to remove their veil’ but having a rant. Maybe an anger management course ...

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