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May's Brexit EU National Offer

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AB Editor | 09:03 Mon 26th Jun 2017 | News
22 Answers

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How would you describe Theresa May's offer to EU nationals living in the UK?

  • Fair and Generous - 64 votes
  • 50%
  • Not Generous Enough - 20 votes
  • 16%
  • Not Fair For British Nationals - 19 votes
  • 15%
  • Too Generous - 18 votes
  • 14%
  • Not Fair For EU Nationals - 7 votes
  • 5%

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"Fair and Generous"
It seems if you listen and read, that everything we have now, Mrs May would like to continue with, referencing any British Nationals living abroad and foreign Nationals living here. The cut off 'date-point' still remains a decision to be made, possibly via current negotiations. Of course the EU like to complicate things because May's original idea was just to do it unilaterally and unfortunately she was persuaded against her better judgement by clever remoaners. It would have been done & dusted as she never intended to use people as a pawns in this game which the EU have created, along with help, latterly from Jeremy Corbin, accusing her exactly of the very thing she tried to avoid months ago. There nothing quite like jumping on a bandwagon. Dear Jeremy is a total opportunist in this regard.
This has been running since the 26th of June. That's 2 months and counting.
Maybe time for a fresh front page poll ?

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May's Brexit EU National Offer

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