May Getting Severe Grief On Question Times, Especially From Nurses.

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scooping | 19:59 Fri 02nd Jun 2017 | News
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Beginning to look like another whoops from the Tory side...Picture might be different later.


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I'm not a labour supporter ,but Mrs may is not suitable to be prime minister.
Getting poor treatment from nurses?!
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What a dire time in U.K. Politics. I think (and hope) this time will be seen as a watershed in British (world?) politics. We need some statesmen/women. As a conservative voter, May disappoints me on SO many levels.
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In fairness, think Corbyn has had a hard time as well.

He deserves it.
May seemed to be having a hard time tonight, explaining why the Nurses have been having a pay-cut, and her answers didn't satisfy the crowd one little bit !
Murdo. I'm out of the country and haven't registered for a postal vote. Meh.
Zacs - call it dire, abysmal, whatever, you are absolutely correct.

An absolutely sorry state of affairs with a mediocre bunch of politicians across all parties, some poor campaigning, party broadcasts.

Mikey made a good point earlier today on another thread about the lack of engagement of young people, some who weren't even aware that there was an election!!

This has been a terrible advert for politics...

They both got a fair grilling tonight in my view.
ag, politicians are a bad advert for politics.
For the first time we have a 'Yorkshire Party' candidate standing. Our MP (Sir Greg) is rock-solid and voted for Brexit- I'm torn between the two, erring towards the 'Yorkshire' party.
I think it's the most bonkers time in politics ever ... not just here but all over the world.

Everyone laughed at the time but I think I might lump on Kanye for next US President.
When you put it like that Zacs...!

Will they ever answer a simple direct question?
Corbyn struggled on the nuclear issue and was accused of being a terrorist sympathiser but generally answered coherently even then unless you were determined to hate him, Theresa May just got kicked all over the place, she looks so startled and distressed I feel quite sorry for her, but only underlines that she's not PM material.
I don't get why Corbyn has not been pushed really hard on the terrorism and united Ireland angle, especially since one of the biggest Brexit issues is the Irish border. People keep starting on the issue then letting it go before getting to the point.

Maybe the Tories are saving it for later ...
When asked about the IRA's bombing campaign why can't he exclusively condemn it?

'Yes I condemn it'

Rather than

''I condemn all bombing''
I couldn't get over the fact that Theresa May has no idea if we give money to North Korea or not and got away scott free with that- or that when people were moaning ( justifiably) about the nurses 1% pay rise no-one mentioned that MP's have had two pay rises since 2015, one of 10% and one of 1.4% taking their total incomes to in excess of £76,000 per annum.
I too am disappointed in May's performance. At first I thought she was Maggie Mk II but was soon disillusioned. I still think, and hope, that she will win but shortly after, the men in grey suits will be around quietly persuading her to step down. Enter Boris, stage left.

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May Getting Severe Grief On Question Times, Especially From Nurses.

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