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'Incidentally'. Good word.
00:05 Thu 23rd Mar 2017
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It doesn't really say that much.
No...that's not what he said.
'Incidentally'. Good word.
well they must have been listening to Mike Flynn's communications to know that he was lying over contacts with the russians
This was gone into in painful detail at the Intelligenve committee meeting the other day.
The fact that members of Trump's 'team' crop up in these conversations is not something I'd want to shout about if I was them.
If they suspected there were Russian connections I would be very surprised (and horrified) if he wasnt, whether the allegations were true or not. I would also hope, given the allegations, they were tapping Clinton (and not for cash)

So I dont really see the fuss, I think The Donald needs to understand that being at the top in politics will require such activities.
Just to state what I hope should be obvious: you target certain foreign nationals, which is legal under US law.
But 'communications' are a two way thing: who wants to listen to Sergei Kiselyak chuntering away to himself? So if these people are talking to US nationals then those comms will be picked up. That is what is meant by 'incidental'.

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