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How Long Before Calais Is Back To Square One?

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naomi24 | 10:56 Thu 27th Oct 2016 | News
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//More than 100 migrants, including minors, spent the night sleeping in or near the charred wreck of the "Jungle" migrant camp, despite French authorities declaring it “empty”….. Those who did not register at the centre cannot expect to be resettled by local authorities across France, regional prefect Fabienne Buccio said.//


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Ms Buccio has asked migrants to disperse, so I suspect that must be the end of the matter.
Do you listen to the authorities, OG?
Naomi- is the 100 figure not significantly lower than the number who were there a week ago?
Question Author
fiction-factory, of course - but that isn't the question.
I am pretty certain O_G had his tongue in his cheek, Marshwarble
Well it depends. if there were 10000 initially then it seems a hugely successful project so far as it means almost 99% have gone. If a further 99% go next week there will be only one or two people left.
Some will no doubt return, some will disappear and try again somewhere else, some may. I am not sure any of us know at this early stage
Will there be any need to build that fence if they have all gone elsewhere?

I think they will trickle back and then flood back whennothi g is done to disperse them again.
Impossible to say, it's a wait and see again !!!!!
What measures should the French take to prevent them from returning, or is it England's problem?
Question Author
I wasn't necessarily thinking of people returning, but rather of newcomers arriving.
Plough the ground up.
Either way they will be back. New and removed ones.

Especially now as we have been seen to take in children that are not children. More reason than ever to get to the gates of the UK.

/// I wasn't necessarily thinking of people returning, but rather of newcomers arriving. ///

Do you think that before the removal of this lot they were entering the 'jungle' on a daily basis or were they a hard core lot who had been there from day one?
Depends on the French.

Having got the numbers down if they deal with any newcomers immediately
then it wont be bck to square one.
Question Author
aog, numbers have clearly grown consistently over time. I've no idea how many of the people who were there originally are among those moved out a day or so ago.
interesting article here -

before you tell me off for posting a non-English link, right click and "translate" - some of the rendering is a bit tricky, but you'll get the jist. evidently they've a way to go yet....

It was just your reference to the likelihood of the 'Jungle' filling up again, that got me to wonder if there is still a constant stream of newcomers arriving in Calais on a daily basis?
Question Author
aog, according to this newcomers are still arriving in Calais.
I am sure there will be a constant stream, at least until word gets out it is no longer tolerated.

What they will do next is anyone's guess of course.

///But within hours police started to allow migrants back into the "Jungle"///

The French huh!
Don't you just love 'em?

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How Long Before Calais Is Back To Square One?

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