Joe Biden's Speech - The Case Fortrump?

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vetuste_ennemi | 03:28 Thu 28th Jul 2016 | News
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How does the American electorate judge between two corrupt clans? Possibly Trump is partially on America's side.


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Partly not partially.

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Tim Kaine is raising the quality of debate.
Next in queue if AB moderator vacancy is announced?

//"Everybody knows she is smart. Everybody knows she is tough.//

He omitted to add, “Everybody knows she’s a self-serving liar”.
A hard choice then, liar or belligerent nutter.
As I have opined on other threads - the American electorate may find themselves in a similar situation faced by the British electorate, when the choice was between Cameron and Miliband.

It was not so much a choice of which candidate was liked the most, and which candidate was disliked the least.

From an outsider's perspective, that would make Mrs Clinton a dead cert!!
Would Trump build that wall, would he ban all Muslims from entering the US, would he give the disgruntled and disaffected hope? I think not. His promises are like pie crusts.
If it's a question of going with the least worst then Clinton's yer man.
useless filthy liar ( email scam / benghazi ) or a true american patriot who loves his country and his people .

not a very hard choice is it ?
Can a man who solicits a foreign country to hack and reveal state e-mails in order to advance his own political career really be called a patriot?
dieseldick - //a true american patriot who loves his country and his people .//

Do you really see Donald Trup as a true American patriot who loves his country and his people?

I see him as something very different indeed.

For a start, he certainly only loves 'some' of his people!
Trump, even!
House of Cards!
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Heavy weights Katie Perry and Chelsea Clinton have entered the debate.

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Joe Biden's Speech - The Case Fortrump?

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