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Now Theresa May Wants Further Eu Free Movement Reform

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Bertrum | 19:00 Wed 15th Jun 2016 | News
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Confused you will be..........who is on which side I'm waiting for Nigel to support free movement


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I know what Theresa May wants but I'm not risking the naughty step by telling you.
// "There are some changes coming up in free movement rules, to make it easier for us to deal with illegal immigrants and I think again as I've said that we should look at further reform in the future. //

As I read that she is saying that there will be some restrictions on free movement in the future. Dangling the carrot - that's all. Best ignored.
Question Author
I wonder if they realise they are losing the fear factor and are changing tack
Gideon hasnt realised yet!

Mayshould be another one for the chop soon. I had high hopes for her but unfortuatley she has not lived up to them
She's pushing for the P.M.'s job, patently obviously. As soon as I saw her I thought that. Neat, navy suit, decorous white top, new, soft, bouffant hairdo with subtle colouring (must have cost a packet!) and totally different make-up coupled with a deeper voice.

Is Mrs. T's stylist still alive? If not it's his or her descendant.

She's not said anything to ally herself irrevocably with either side and is probably aiming to be seen as the 'healing, conciliatory' figure. Dave and George are dead in the water already. Don't like the woman, but it's a good make-over. (Been for a facial today - oh the bliss! - so conscious more than usual of what can be done by stylists.)
Jourdain, //She's not said anything to ally herself irrevocably with either side //

///Mrs May, who backs Remain....///
Naomi - I'm going with the word 'irrevocably'. She's been back-pedalling and not very strident. Probably hoping that she can get away with some guff about 'being loyal to my Prime Minister until I realised that there was a deep need for reform'.......or am I being cynical? (P.S. My £20 is looking safer by the day. :) )
I'm not a gambler - but I'm guessing the drinks could be on you. Cheers!! :o)

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Now Theresa May Wants Further Eu Free Movement Reform

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