Are We Urgently In Need Of A National “Diversity Champion” ?

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anotheoldgit | 10:46 Sat 21st May 2016 | News
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/// The MPs call for the appointment of a national “diversity champion” by the home secretary along with urgent steps in each force including coaching and mentoring, diversity training for selection panels, and the establishment of a senior black and minority ethnic leaders’ forum. ///

What should we do, drag anyone who is not white kicking and screaming into the police service, lower the standard of the entrance exam for non whites, any other suggestions?

Since a large proportion of ethnic minorities are Eastern European, I wonder if they are fairly represented?


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Dyfed-Powys Police do have a Filipino officer, as I see him quite often. His name is Officer Lee.

He stopped me a few years ago, because he thought I was using a Mobile phone, but apologised nicely when I showed him that it was a Mars Bar instead !

I see him now, training other Policemen in high-performance driving.

But why isn't there not more diversity in our Police Forces ?
What sort of reception do you get from a mars bar, mikey?
Very sticky Talbot, especially when you stick it your ear.

On a side note, Officer Lee speaks fluent Welsh, as well as English, which is a help in this part of the world.
Maybe he thought a Mars a day helps you work, arrest and play?

eating at the wheel still means "not in full control of the vehicle", so he was wrong not to ticket you for a MTV.

:-P !
Maybe Mikey wasn't eating it, but talking into it ?
Mikey > He stopped me a few years ago, because he thought I was using a Mobile phone, but apologised nicely when I showed him that it was a Mars Bar instead !

Is that a euphemism for a device you were using to connect to a Martian?

We keep hearing this story but *nobody*, especially not the Beeb, dares show the figure for proportion of applicants from minority communities, let alone a comparison between the mix of applicants and the mix of eventual recruits.

My question would have been whether diverse groups are deselecting themselves - choosing not to join up because their community perceives the police force as an enemy?

One sidebar:
I am given to understand that Police Officers are required to serve in a town other than the one where they grew up, in case of having to handle former pals.

This should fix any fears of being seen by their community as a 'traitor' but, in all likelihood, this may mean them moving away from the big city, where all the fun is and getting planted in some town, mainly full of white folk.

"No hardship", I hear some say. Well, how many miles is too many, when it comes to costs of visiting the relatives? apologies for unwittingly diverting your thread !

Using North Yorkshire Police as a reference point, according to Wiki, as of March 2013 the force had a strength of 1,370 police officers, 158 Special Constables, 173 PCSOs.

Its seem strange that if the Guardian article is correct, then none of these people come from a black or ethnic background, and I wonder why ?
Question Author

/// Dyfed-Powys Police do have a Filipino ///

And how many Filipinos are there in that part of Wales, perhaps in that case they are overrepresented?, but I wouldn't mind betting that Icke uses one for a similar purpose, perhaps to contact the Planet Zanussi !
Mikey lol
Hypognosis....I always have trouble with the word "ethnic" as it could interpreted so many different ways.

But we have Hindu, Sikh, Chinese, Filipino, Jewish, etc, etc communities here in Britain and I am not sure if they would consider joining the Police to be in any way "traitorous"
Hypognosis....I always have difficulty with the word " Ethnic" as it can be interpreted in so many different ways.

But we have Sikh, Hindu, Filipino, Jewish, Chinese, etc communities here in Britain, and I fairly sure that membership of the local Police force wouldn't be taken as "traitorous", so their omission from these Police Forces aforementioned seems hard to understand.
I'll make that point again, his time with brevity.

Unless it's a myth, you're not allowed to police in the town where you grow up. Manchester recruiting should match the ethnic mix of Manchester but, if the goal is minority police(persons), looking after minority comminities, then it will have to be some other city or town.

And they'll need some kind of computer system so they don't post them into a community where they're exactly the wrong community (if certain pairs are famed for not getting on).

Multiculturalism = all the world's conflicts but closer to your doorstep.

Question Author

/// Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick of North Yorkshire Police, said: “Past recruitment campaigns have targeted minority groups, including extending our reach to neighbouring counties. We have also developed an action plan with the College of Policing to address the recruitment of ethnic minority officers in the future. That said, we do have a number of Asian and mixed race officers from PC to Superintendent rank, and black, Asian, Chinese and mixed race police staff. ///


I will have to wrack my brain for where I dredged up that "race traitor" concept but it was TV, documentary, not drama and someone from south London, speaking as if from inside knowledge.

As has been pointed out on here many times, while most ethnic groups do not view any one from their group as traitors for joining the police, many Afro- Caribbean's do. A 'Black' person joining the Police is very likely to be called a traitor , and shunned by many of his/her community.
Well over half of North Yorkshire consists of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the North York Moors National Park, although it skirts York and Leeds it has no major urban areas with the possible exception of Scarborough.
I'm sure that there are 'ethnic minorities' living in this area but in nothing like the numbers that other areas have.
Perhaps the ones that do live there don't want to be Police Officers?

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