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brionon | 11:06 Thu 03rd Sep 2015 | News
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Get a European Army in Syria ,defeat ISIS ,rebuild a little and the Syrians can all go home-Easy !


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Easier said than done!
ISIS isn't the only problem in Syria
The war there started long before they arrived on the scene

Yes, easier said than done, but its got to be worth a try !

Afteral, if the UN hadn't have stepped into the former Yugoslavia, god only knows how many more Srebrenica's there would have been. I can't see the point of having a UN if it can't help out with this situation. Its now widely acknowledged that this current refugee crisis is the worst in Europe since the end of WW2. Its not going to go away if we ignore it.
To all the MP's that keep saying it's morally wrong to turn away these refugees, then let a refugee family live in your 2nd home!
Sending yet another military force into Syria plainly is not the answer. There are multiple factions there fighting each other.
Humanitarian aid is about the only option I'm afraid. There was a point where arming the moderate opposition would probably have worked, particularly when Assad was on the verge of defeat. But the chemical weapons fuss was a bit of a watershed. While we forced him (with the grateful help of the Russians who knew what they were doing) to disarm a few chemical nasties, he ramped up the war on the enemy and the civilian population.
An operation like that could take months of planning and would require mutual agreement between all nations. And I'm sure there would be some leaders/governments who would not want to send their armies in and claim it would make things worse.
What, you mean sending thousands more armed troops into a war zone might make things worse??
Surely not!!
Like we did in Afghanistan and Iraq, you mean? That didn't work so well.
If we had another Balkan crisis, what are the chances that we would just stand aside and watch atrocities like Srebrenica happen ?
"If we had another Balkan crisis, what are the chances that we would just stand aside and watch atrocities like Srebrenica happen ? "

In fairness that's exactly what we did do the last time. Just ask the Dutch "peacekeepers"
And we did precisely the same thing this time too, as Assad, who started the whole thing, calmly blitzed thousands
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A lot of the problems stem from the EU destroying all borders. Stuff the EU let all European countries have their border controls back then assess how many immigrants they have already taken in & decide how many more they have room for then close their borders. Negotiate with all Arab countries in order to spread the burden more fairly. Try to get together a world army ( I wish) in order to destroy isis & all other terrorist groups which could lead to peace throughout the world which at the moment is being destroyed by armed sadists & followers of twisted ideologies.
OH said exactly the same thing as the OP the day before yesterday. I would argue that we need a European/American army to go in and America needs to accept some responsibility fast.
^^^^ I actually was going to say a 'world army' - but decided that would be impossible. The preferred option though.
Andy Mcnab (the SAS guy) was interviewed a few weeks ago by Andrew Marr (I think). He said the US army could defeat ISIS in a few weeks but there was just not the will to intervene again in the middle east
We should drive ISIS to Saudi Arabia and then build a huge iron curtain around it - let them cope with the problem of their own making

/// I actually was going to say a 'world army' - but decided that would be impossible. The preferred option though. ///

Not too far off the mark jourdain, This is a job for the United Nations to sort out, after all isn't that what they are there for?

If it comes to 'boots on the ground' the UK should be in the background, and France & Germany should be on the front line, why do we always have to put our young men and women at risk, when it is those others shouting for action?
Just to repeat: ISIS is not the cause of the problem in Syria. There were thousands of refugees fleeing Syria years before it arrived on the scene.
The war was triggered by the current Syrian government.
A couple of years ago everyone was saying "leave them to it, it's not our business" Now we want to send armies all over the place just because a few nasty foreigners are trying to share a bit of our our and local lands :-)

The unfortunate truth is that all these conflicts DO affect us, and you can never be sure where will be the next one or who will be the cause.
Who would have thought Europe's two largest countries would be at war, for example.
Wont solve it, many are not fleeing war, they are looking for a better live, hence all the trouble because they cannot get to a rich country.
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