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A Good Slap...

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Sqad | 11:17 Sun 29th Mar 2015 | News
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Young mother and father, interviewed on TV, cuddling and fawning over this little girl.........

What did she need?.....stern words and a good slap.


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I'm not sure if that's current thinking among the child care community. The child might be traumatised for life and develop an aversion to slushies. Whatever they may be.
I sure am glad they posted a picture of a bus as I wouldn't have had a clue what they were talking about otherwise.

Well done to the bus driver anyway. Shows toe world isn't quite as bad as some on here would attempt to portray.
Awe bless at least she was safely found. I'm sure you were sensible at that age Sqad. I'm not being sarky either.

When 'a good slap' appeared in latest posts... thought it was a queue to meet Cameron.
stern words and a good slap live on tv would have seen said kiddie removed from her parents and put up for adoption.
I think she showed initiative
sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( God preserve us from old codgers )

You can't give a child a slap these days, look what happened here,

But taken into care in Rotherham, wouldn't they have been much safer at home?
It's the parents who need a good slap. They should be protecting this little girl by making sure she can't let herself out of the house in the middle of the night.
Why is the older generations answer to everything violence!!!!

Beating up little kids is not going to stop them being naughty!!!!!!
They have to learn.
`Speak roughly to your little boy,
And beat him when he sneezes:
He only does it to annoy,
Because he knows it teases.'
Question Author

Well, one has the choice......a good smack or being sexually abused by Rotherham "carers."

I think it is clear AOG that since smacking has been made illegal, we have now bred a more disciplined and less violent society.....;-)
waits for sqad to bring up the subject of bringing back hanging
Question Author
\\\\\Beating up little kids\\\

Well done helen....I wondered when the "beating up" brigade would arrive.
Most children 'escape' now and then. What is needed are locks high enough the child cannot reach. I had to get one when one of mine did a runner one day at age 3, headed for the local park where there was a pond.. Luckly Dad caught up before she got to it. Small children do not know about danger.
A potentially tragic situation, saved by a fast acting bus driver.

But a stern word, plus suitable punishment would seem to be the way to go here, although not sure about the slap.

But how did she get out of the house at night ? Maybe its the parents that need the slap !
My youngest was an escaper. Did I give him a good slap...absolutely not, I put a lock on the door that he couldn't reach.

Why would you slap a child for doing something they probably don't realise is wrong? You explain to them then if they do it again you punish them.
Ummmm...very sensible reply !

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A Good Slap...

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