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London Bus Driver Strike

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Deskdiary | 09:38 Tue 13th Jan 2015 | News
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Most of London's bus drivers are on strike in a protest about pay equality.

It is reported that according to TfL less than 16% of the bus drivers in London voted in favour of industrial action.

Granted without knowing how many voted against strike action or total turnout this is like listening to one half of a 'phone call, but surely less than 16% 'ayes' resulting in a strike is patently absurd, isn't it?


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Ludwig, I see the linguistic difficulty you had over a potential - but only potential - ambiguity, so I'll respond to it as promised. That's the thing with ambiguities...they're ambiguous! Thereafter, I end further response to you here.

The response you complain of was not addressed to you at all, but to the OP. I simply chose to use two of the elements of YOUR post in MY opening paragraph at 15.46.

A city's decision NOT to have a politically-elected mayor is clearly ALSO a "do-nothing option re elected mayors", though it may not gel with what YOU meant by a "do nothing option". The fact that you used it to refer to a pathetic turn-out at a mayoral election does not mean I cannot use the same phrase to refer to a city's choice to reject a mayor in the first place!
QM, your spinning is getting flimsier and more waffly by the day.

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London Bus Driver Strike

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