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Raf Jets Could Be Bombing Jihadis By The Weekend.

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anotheoldgit | 10:55 Wed 24th Sep 2014 | News
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Can anyone tell me how bombing Islamic State fanatics in northern Iraq will make Britain safer from attacks?

To me this will only inflame the issue.

/// The Defence Secretary Mr Fallon told the Spectator magazine: 'We've had attacks on the streets of London, on our transport system, at Glasgow Airport, the murder of Lee Rigby – how much more evidence do you need that this is a very clear and dangerous threat to our way of life and to all the democracies of the West.

'This is a new Battle of Britain. ///

Doesn't he realise that we fought the Battle of Britain over the sky's of Southern England, not over some distant land?



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It will indeed inflame the situation AOG. And, as I've said before, were playing right into their hands, as they will use the propaganda of collateral damage whether it's true or not) to recruit.

//To me this will only inflame the issue//

I'm inclined to agree with you AOG!
Didn't Britain drop bombs on Germany?
What's your solution, AOG?
Naomi, you always trot out the same line. Just because someone has an opinion on a certain tactic being wrong, doesn't mean they have the answer. To be cliched myself, if they did, they would be Foreign Secretary or head of Security possibly.
zacs, Gosh! AOG said that without putting finger to keyboard! When someone objects to a plan it's reasonable to ask what they would propose instead. Do please give him the chance to answer - even if he says he doesn't know.
It seems the right way to go to me. One doesn't stop evil by allowing it to continue.

In the event you are correct and it does inflame the issue then maybe that is a stage we need to get to and pass through to reach goal.

We all live on the same globe, we are all part of the human race, what affects one will inevitably affect all as the ripples spread out, true some more affected than others. But we can only fight for what we believe to be right if we have any belief that we should try to do the morally right thing.
The Islamic fanatics may be likened to a snowball rolling down a mountainside, gathering impetus and size as they go.

This must be stopped.

How? Two main methods...diplomacy or force.

Do you really think that diplomatic encounters are going to stop these people who are quite ready to behead prisoners on camera?

We have been told time and time again on AB treads that Islam is not a threat to the world....really?

Air strikes and if necessary "boots on the ground."

If a lion comes from the veldt and takes a child from the village the villagers go to the lion's den and kill it because they know that if, as some suggest, they should provide the lion with a goat for food, when the lion has eaten the goat and is hungry again he will come back to the village for another child.
It is the way of nature, attack and you must expect to be attacked.
Reasonable but not compulsory. Ey, AOG?
"Yes Zacsgaster. Gottle o geer. "
Zacs, what's that all about?
Sqad, I believe there is a half way house I.e. A specialist unit, or units, which target the leaders. Maybe that is going on as well and the strikes are misdirection?
Humour N. I had a mental pic of AOG sitting on my knee with my hand up his....
I agree with you entirely, aog.
Zacs, oh, right. Humour.
Question Author

/// if they did, they would be Foreign Secretary or head of Security possibly. ///

You have more faith in the qualifications of those in top jobs than I do Zac, :0)
AOG, so do you think we should ignore it?
AOG, note the word 'possibly'. ;-)
Question Author

Yes I will answer you, I would use my resources, in the defence my own country and citizens first, before get involved in yet another costly and unwinnable war.
The Big question is .......did AOG enjoy it?

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Raf Jets Could Be Bombing Jihadis By The Weekend.

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