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And so the backlash evolves.....
Keep up the backlash. Barnett, West Lothian and Immigration are still very much an issue with the English electorate. So is the Deficite which Milliband's Minor forgot to mention yesterday.
I'll see you Barnet and West Lothian and raise you a Crossrail and high speed line to 'the north'.

'The north', incidentally is a rather inexact term when purporting to represent the United Kingdom. Pretty damned south of where I'm typing from.
As to the question asked, a slightly fudged 'devolved powers'
What deficit? Labour are planning a big spend !
-- answer removed --
Jordy, you voted No. Their 'our' illegal immigrants.
This is a big problem for Labour because they rely on the votes from their Scottish MPs. The Tories don't have that problem of course.

However, it's the inevitable follow on from left leaning Scotland not wanting English Tories to have any say in purely Scottish affairs.

It's now a question of fair enough, you've got that, as long as right leaning England can now prevent Scottish lefty MPs having a vote on purely English affairs. It would seem fair, but as I said, not great news for English Labour.
sounds fair to me. Obviously Labour do not like it because their Scottish MPs will lose voting rights in English affairs.
Labour will just start to appeal toEnglish voters more. From what I heR yesterday they've got their work cut out. Double accounting again. Back to the 70s and we all know where that led.

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