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U K I P Top British Polls

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ChillDoubt | 22:34 Sun 25th May 2014 | News
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Time for a lot of people to wake up and smell what they've been shovelling for the last 12 months.


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The Tories seem to think that UKIP have only borrowed their voters ( well Philip Hammond does ) !
Question Author
Thanks for that Tony.
So whilst Osborne recognises and acknowledges Farage/UKIP's success, Hammond maintains the stance that saw his party reap what they have sown over the last year or so.
Still in denial eh? I would call Hammond a wally, but that would do disservice to a great cricketer.
An interesting reference to excrement.
In my opinion it is high time that the other parties started pointing out that UKIP's "stuff" is indeed pretty smelly and stopped trying to peddle their own version of less smelly and inferior cr*p :-) in an attempt to appease them
Question Author

From the BBC blog:

UKIP topped the poll in Doncaster, where Labour leader Ed Miliband has his Doncaster North constituency.
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On the contrary ichkeria, a fair proportion of the electorate are patently fed up of hearing the same old recycled bullsh!t from parties who failed to deliver on promises.

They want someone they can identify with, makes the odd gaffe but still tells it like it is, has a sense of humour and would doubtless do his utmost to deliver in office.
Well it's looking to be a pretty good night for UKIP. Who'd've thought?

ON the plus side, the BNP looks like it's going to be wiped out.
Question Author
At least one EU politician can give an honest and fair asessment:

EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn has told the BBC in Vienna that the success of UKIP is "a wake-up call" for the UK. He said the UK now had to really discuss "the pros and cons" of EU membership.
"makes the odd gaffe" - I live in hope of plenty of those.

Hopefully a year of reports of what the swivel-eyed, racist, loonies are actually doing (or not doing) will knacker them for the General Election.

If not I'm off to live in a hut on a beach in Portugal.
Question Author
Here's the blog, some very interesting stuff going on.
BNP have called for an ambulance to attend in Manchester!

Question Author
If not I'm off to live in a hut on a beach in Portugal.
Atlantic Coast?! B&gger that! LOL
Polls don't always translate into seats. There was a time when the Lib Dems led the polls with 36% saying they vote for them.
I'm off to my cave in Ireland, Dave...I'll write....c/o the nearest bar?.. :-(
Question Author
Total MEPs so far

The figures are: UKIP six MEPs, Conservatives five, Labour four.
UKIP top votes in South West, Lib Dems no seats at all!
Question Author
From the blog:
Some way to go on euro elections but as things stand.Labour just ahead of Conservatives on share of the vote and Libdems 5th behind Greens

Taxi for Clegg?
Surely you mean "Taxi for the entire LibDem party - don't bother with a 7 seater" ...
Hard to see Nick Clegg resigning without serious consequences for the Coalition.
No Lib Dem MEPs in Wales either. I can't see how they can recover from this, even with Ashdown leading their election campaign next year.
Question Author
Arif Ansari
Political editor, North West

tweets: BNP Leader Nick Griffin has told me that he has been defeated tonight as NW Euro MP.
Great news!

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