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Could This Be The Reason?

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anotheoldgit | 17:19 Sat 28th Dec 2013 | News
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I often wondered why it seemed okay to complain about the influx of Bulgarian and Rumanian immigrants, but before they became a problem it was simply a no, no to complain about those outside the EU who have come to these shores, well this seems to explains it.

/// Both parties, in other words, are focussing on the unfortunate Bulgarians and Romanians who may come to Britain after tomorrow, as opposed to the larger and more problematic immigration from areas such as, say, Pakistan. But then it’s easier to have a go at Bulgarians than to annoy your own constituency. Consider former Home Secretary, David Blunkett, who recently expressed rather unpleasant views about Romanian immigrants on the basis that they were getting up the noses of his Pakistani constituents. But didn’t it similarly occur to him when he opined in office that there was no obvious upper limit to the extent of immigration that ever increasing numbers would have a disruptive effect on indigenous communities? ///


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It's never nice to see people in the lifeboat pull the ladder up after them.
"David Blunkett, who recently expressed rather unpleasant views about Romanian immigrants on the basis that they were getting up the noses of his Pakistani constituents"

and who complained when the floods of pakistanis,indians, africans etc etc got up the noses of the white british constituents ???
Only those affected, baz - and they were promptly howled down as racists. Nobody supported them, nobody listened to their views, nobody was prepared to say they appreciated their point of view.

Things are different now because it is not white English people who are being upset.
believe me NJ I remember the times too well, not allowed a damn word for the reasons you gave.
I really fear for the Daily Telegraph, because it has been my paper of choice for 35 years. I am worried because it is morphing into the Maily Telegraph. Its Standards have slipped to pander to bigotted little Englanders. In the past it used to hold back from slipping into the Mail's blatant Xenophobia, but now it seems to be racing to be there first.

Take the rubbish AOG has reprinted above. It focuses on the home secretary from 10 years ago. He is Labour, so it is not unusual that he represents a poor inner city constituency. A constituency therefore that contains a lot of immigrants that have arrived over the last 50 years. It alleges that the former minister is against a new influx of immigrants because it will upset the older immigrants. Trouble is, if he does alienate the older immigants by supporting the new ones, the new ones will vote for him so he hasn't really lost anyone.

The problem with the new eastern European immigrants is their excessive drinking which is anti social. The problem affects everyone, but papers like the Maily Telegraph home in on its affects to communities that have previously been largely muslim and therefore non alcohol drinking.

It is bogus, and the allegation that Labour MPs are worried because muslims are being affected is rubbish and racist.
some Muslims do drink, and some distant relatives who live out in the sticks have problems with many of the Eastern Europeans for the reasons you say, excessive drinking, not limited to night time, their local plods want them moved out because many are not employed nor are they going anywhere. So sleep hollow does have problems, i find it hilarious when i hear someone who has been here ten minutes figuratively speaking, say they find it hard to countenance more immigrants, albeit from the EU or beyond, ho ho ho.
from November, is he being racist or just honest.

///the unfortunate Bulgarians and Romanians who may come to Britain after tomorrow///

What is significant about December 29th?
gromit, all Romanians are NOT alcoholics but those that do imbibe are contributing, by their purchase, into the tax pot.

Romania as an EU member has more right to work in UK than non member states in sub continent. Romas are muslim but rarely seen in local mosques ?

As for Blunket, he sees with eyes wide shut.

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