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What Happened? Weren't There Any Black Kids Available?

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Zeuhl | 13:31 Wed 20th Nov 2013 | News
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Has George Zimmerman just added some more evidence for what we probably suspected all along?


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Well not exactly. You all suspected he did it because they were black, as your post intimates. However it appears he may have committed the crime but not because of the colour of skin but because he is a nut.
He probably has.

I really try very hard to taken an even-handed approach to legal issues, as I have opined many many times on the AB, laws are made without recourse to emotion or indirect experience.

That meant i had to accept the legal ruling on Zimmerman's shooting of the black teenager, for which the law saw fit not to convict him.

But as you say, this incident does rather indicate that this is a man prone to violence, and of using a gun to underline his position.
Question Author
Nut or nut, apparently he thinks pregnant women and black kids are fair game

Though a jury might be more sympathetic to an unarmed pregnant woman gunned down for no good reason than they were in the earlier case
Either way, the sooner he is locked up the better.
Question Author
ymb - it seems so

perhaps he has 'issues'

of course everywhere has people with issues, but it does cross my mind (afterwards usually) whenever I've had an altercation in The States that the person I'm having words with might suddenly appear with a gun

so much easier to use than a knife or a blunt instrument
If I had been found 'not guilty' of murder in a case which had proven to be controversial, I would spend the entire rest of my life keeping out of trouble.

This man seems to have a touch of the Phil Spector/OJ Simpson about him...
Quite apart from what this says about his character, or whether he has violent tendencies and poor impulse control, it speaks volumes to me that he has no problems at all owning a gun or even extending his collection. I have read that he intends to add at least one assault rifle to his collection, and apparently he should have no problems getting one!
perhaps his girlfriend is black.

I'm guessing not, though.

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What Happened? Weren't There Any Black Kids Available?

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