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What Do You Think Of This Wonderful Family

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youngmafbog | 18:05 Wed 16th Oct 2013 | News
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//The girl, an orphan from Pakistan who is profoundly deaf and cannot speak, was beaten and slapped and forced to work for Ashar and his family as a domestic servant.

While Ashar used his victim to satisfy his sexual desires, the girl was also used to steal more than £30,000 in benefits on her behalf.//

But how were they allowed to claim the benefit? Why no checks?


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To answer the question 'What do you think of this wonderful family?' - not a lot - but it certainly highlights, yet again, the glaring flaws in the benefits system.
I doubt this is an isolated case. Surely those claiming benefits in relation to a child have to prove she's their child, or is that too naive of me?
what can one say, except vile people, with any luck he will die in prison,
If I wrote what I thought about the criminals in this case, I'd probably be banned for foul language. But sometimes only foul language will suffice . . .
As far as I can see your question is in 2 parts, firstly the family are disgusting any form of human slavery is disgusting and should not be allowed.

To answer your second question - what checks do you want to be made? If they were not making absurb claims on the benefit system it would not flag up any issues.

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What Do You Think Of This Wonderful Family

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