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A Conversion On The Road For Tommy Robinson ?

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mikey4444 | 12:45 Sat 12th Oct 2013 | News
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It appears that Mr Robinson, or Yaxley-Lennon, as he is know in Court circles, appears to have changed his mind and apologised for his previous views and behaviour. I would like to congratulate him.

I wonder if the atmosphere in Bradford today will be better or worse for his departure ?


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The weather is really bad in Bradford so let's hope that it at least keeps some of them off the streets.
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I left out the word "Damascus" by mistake !
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In the South Wales town where I live we have our share of problems at chucking-out time, especially on a Saturday night. The local Police are on record for praying for a good thunderstorm, as it clears the streets of trouble makers quicker than a platoon of horse !
The weather up here is cold and drizzly. They will head straight to the pub and get bladdered. They would do that anyway, but they will be less inclind to be marching the streets in the heavy rain.

Not sure they will be anymore rudderless without Robinson. He didn't really lead anyone, but turned up and spoke. He didn't really have any control over their behaviour and actions.

I don't suppose him leaving will make any difference to the organisation at all.
This has actually changed my opinion of Tommy Robinson. For everything he has done in the past, it takes a lot of courage for public figures to publicly change their minds and especially to admit that they are wrong - and it runs counter to the rather insufferable culture in the UK that looks favorably "sticking to your guns" even when your argument has been discredited.

I've encountered the Quilliam foundation before, and I've often been impressed by Maajid Nawaz in his public appearances. What's interesting is that the QF espouses a vision of multiculturalism which many resident ABers appear to share - I wonder how many will start professing support for them over the EDL.

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A Conversion On The Road For Tommy Robinson ?

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