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sir.prize | 11:26 Fri 07th Jun 2013 | News
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is arrested and due to appear at Crown Court in just 41 days.

While other 'personalities' wait 220 days and still remain on bail.

I am sure there is a good reason . . . .

Any ideas?


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Not ANOTHER one?! There will be none left soon ........ anyone fancy a job in Corrie!
Perhaps you meant Bill Roache who was officially charged yesterday? Or is this another one?
Question Author
I did indeed mean Bill Roache.
He's already been charged with rape previously.
Question Author
Yes ummm I know. My point was thatBill Roache was originally arrested on May 1st and will be in Crown Court on June 10. All happened in just 41 days.

Yet others have waited over 30 weeks and still remain bailed.

Just wondering why.
It was explained to you when you posted this....
They added more charges yesterday I believe.
Question Author
Yes tony they did. And quickly bundled him into court.

Old Plod and the CPS don't seem to be in a hurry to do the same with the celebrated PR mogul. But of course, he has told them they need to be certain their facts are correct.

Well sir.p the 'Old Bill' aren't hanging about with Bill are they.
Question Author
But they are taking their time to nick Nick Nick.
LOL ^^^^^^^
Isn't his appearance in court on Monday (10th June) just an hearing? This is for legal submissions and probably the new allegations added.

His full trial will be at a later date.
Arrested, charged with offence (rape) which is Crown Court only; sent to Crown Court not for trial but a directions hearing to arrange what witnesses need be called , time to be allocated,date for trial etc Rearrested and charged on other matters which are conveniently dealt with at Crown Court, therefore , if possible, tack those onto the same hearing directions. They may end up on the same indictment if part of a pattern or related.

That seems to be what is happening.

What is ridiculous is arresting someone and then bailing forever and a day while you try to find the evidence to support a charge.
Can I add my tuppence worth. Roache whether guilty or not - remember 40 or more years ago but it was the 60s etc and everybody was having sex here and there and flower people etc - and free living - and so as much as the man wanting it so much so did the women. Are the women out there to fleece him - regarding Rolf - I study body language as in being deaf - but the lady who reported him was filmed in Australia getting into her car and I think she was a liar. Just saw Roache and for 81 and by his body language think he will be successful when it goes to court. I do hope I am right about the above-mentioned celebrities. Thanks
Says girls between 11-16 and that is too young especially in the 60's. New soap coming up "Coronation Court."
Plus at 81 yrs he could die if they hang about for too long.
Conn - that is nonsense. Some women were liberated by the introduction of the pill but the women accusing him were children at the time.
Didn't one of the older Corrie stars give an interview soon after the Saville scandal broke saying that anyone in the public eye might be accused of 'historical' offences? That was remarkably prescient.
Wasn't it Bill Roache himself?

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