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Syria And The Use Of Chemical Weapons

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mikey4444 | 09:59 Fri 26th Apr 2013 | News
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This was on the BBC website this morning :::

Well, we have never come across a middle east dictator using chemical weapons before have we ?


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I agree its irrelevant what happened during WW2. That is now 60 years ago and the world is a very different place now. We have instant mass communication via the 'net and we are all a lot better informed than we were all those years ago. It was said that The Vietnam War was the worlds first "TV war", which is probably true. We now have almost instant reporting of events like Syria and so we should all aware what is going on. The Internet has changed the world for ever.

As long as we all stand around and watch Assad do his worst, he will never stop. A no-fly zone would be a seemed to stop Saddam dead in his tracks with his war on the Kurds, albeit a little too late. We must do SOMETHING !
Jake?? Not talking about anyone on here
There is growing evidence of Chemical weqapons being used, but no proof on who used them.

As usual people have jumped to conclusions, which is probably what the Septics want so they can invade.

There are probably stockpiles of this stuff all over the country, undoubtedly the rebels will have some by now. We shoudl therefore be very careful of accusing or supporting any side.
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I have found these on the 'net this morning. The first one is particularly disturbing :::
In that case ymb, is it not possibel to go as a neutral party to stop both sides from using chemical weapons, if that is the case?

And if not, why not?
The West is caught between a rock & a hard place. If they arm the rebels, & if they win, the west will find their own weapons been used against them in the future.
The rebels are not whiter than white!

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Syria And The Use Of Chemical Weapons

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