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Will The Rise Of Intermediay Property Websites Be An End Of Traditional Estate Agents?

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The_Student | 10:12 Mon 15th Apr 2013 | News
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I am writing a research paper on this and would be thankful of some opinions!

Soon people will be able to sell their home privately online through intermediary companies that are not governed like traditional estate agents are. These websites will be a place where buyers and sellers can meet and exchange details. No service, no Rightmove, no redress schemes! Basically a dating site for selling a property.

Obviously this can be done at a very low price. Just a sign up fee perhaps.

Do you think this will take off though? Perhaps if a big business like Tesco decide to do it maybe? Could it be the end of estate agents and ultimately a big company like Rightmove who rely on estate agents paying them monthly to advertise on their site?

Is is just a sign of the times that everything will be done online one day or do we still need local agents with a finger on the pulse. Perhaps they will have to reduce fees to stay competitive?

Do you think people will want to use these websites or do you think they will continue to use estate agents? Why?

What might concern you about using the internet to find a suitable buyer for your property? Media URL:


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People have always been able to buy and sell privately so I cannot see a lot has changed. People use Estate Agents because they believe they offer a service and so they don't have to learn new stuff. Don't think it will make any difference either way.
It is not like selling a second hand phone. You still need all the legal stuff done and valuations , surveys for the mortgage and insurance. That is why people use agents they can't do bothered to do it themselves or don't trust themselves not to make an expensive mistake.

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Will The Rise Of Intermediay Property Websites Be An End Of Traditional Estate Agents?

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