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Is It Safe For Any British Citizen To Be In North Africa Now

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pdq1 | 21:24 Wed 16th Jan 2013 | News
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Did we think we were doing the right thing in Libya by arming the rebels against Gaddafi. Now those same rebels have gone back to their own countries and attacking the established western orientated countries such as Mali. British and French hostages are being taken so how can we protect them all.


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we didn't, and now once again we are seeing our actions coming home to roost. When they bellyache that they are in trouble, are suffering at the hands of a dictator, our government of whichever hue should ignore it, get on with running this country, instead of meddling in others. We only ever come of worse, either caught in the middle of a civil war, or end up with many of their citizens who are fleeing from the madness.
The French are beginning another "Vietnam". This will last a long time.
heaven help them, and please let us not get involved, it will be long and drawn out, cost too many lives from every side and will like as not be unwinnable.
remind you of another recent conflict?
Where does it say that the people responsible were rebels against Gaddafi who had gone back to their own countries?

Mali?The account being given elsewhere on the BBC is that foreign mercenaries who fought for Gaddafi had gone south, on Gaddafi being defeated, had picked up arms from armouries they found en route and then gone on into Mali to join a ready- made conflict. From the account in the link, the particular incident described was an attack by Islamists with al-Qaeda sympathies. There's no suggestion that we were arming them or that they were formerly rebels against Gaddafi
The alternative is Mali coming under the control of an armed radical Islamic group. And of course that would not just be bad news for Mali. Unfortunately none of these issues are straightforward and intervention brings its own problems but all I've heard and read about this from people who seem to know what they're talking about us that intervention in some form was a no-brainer
Cameron has said we are in Afghanistan so as to keep our streets safe from terrorists, yet couldn't wait to get involved in Mali by aiding the French.

Already there is an hostage situation in Morocco involving Westerners all because of the involvement in Mali, couldn't this in turn also make our streets unsafe?
Morocco ?????????? Where did that come from, I meant Algeria.
Yes Algeria - not proven to be connected but may be. Well that is part of the problem I referred to. Depends whether you think staying out of these things and avoiding problems in the short term is preferable to ignoring them and potentially having bigger issues later.
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///Libya weapons aid Tuareg rebellion in Mali
Weapons smuggled out of Libya have flowed to Tuareg rebels, who now control northern Mali. Libyan arms have also ended up in other parts of the region///
Just to reiterate what's already been pointed out: the weapons that have found their way to Mali from Libya were not weapons supplied by the UK. They are presumably weapons no longer being used in the insurgency. So I don't think your point, insofar as I can discern one, is valid
Did I read a report on Uranium in Mali or did I dream it?
Companies are seeking to find uranium in Mali. The country already has a developed gold mining industry. It may well have bauxite, for aluminium, as well as iron ore. It has little infrastructure but doubtless that will magically appear for removing minerals if the price and quantities are right.
One of the french soldiers landing in Mali, said on tv ,that he knows now how the french troops felt when they landed in Normandy on D DAY . eh ??? have i missed something ???
methinks he protests too much.. x lol

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Is It Safe For Any British Citizen To Be In North Africa Now

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