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Ministers Set To Approve Plans To Introduce Tolls On Motorways And A-Roads.

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anotheoldgit | 17:04 Sat 22nd Dec 2012 | News
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/// A slice of road tax could be used to pay private firms to run the roads in England and Wales – topped up by the tolls on new
roads. ///

But if this comes about, should we be paying any road tax at all?



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I would hope not - it seems like a fairer deal to me than having to continue paying car tax when one's car is up the drive for a lot of the time.
No, I think we pay enough as it is, the road tax now should be enough to pay for any new roads etc.
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not too bad if it actually abolishes road tax but i suspect it will just be added on to what we pay already. if all the tax collected from motorists was actually spent on the roads we'd have golden armco!
I have always said that road tax should be abolished & fuel tax be adopted to pay for road repairs, that way the more you use the roads the more tax you pay. Also all motorways should be toll roads similar to Europe & the U.S. In my opinion the fairest way to tax all road users, ( cyclists should also pay insurance). It's really time to sort the whole system out once & for all.

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Yes the EU is always going on about equality across the EU, then they should make it illegal for European haulers to fit auxiliary tanks to their vehicles, so they don't have to buy our tax inflated fuel, and also allow the UK to impose a tax on them for the use of our roads.
I feel a poll tax moment coming on.
You all seem to be under the mistaken assumption that road tax pays for the roads. It doesn't and never has.

Toll roads are a complete con. They keep food and produce more expensive because manufacturers are committed to delivering the cheapest prices so they will not pay for expensive tolls roads. Most of us will not pay £10-£20 to our journeys to get here a few minutes earlier so most will not pay tolls.

Toll roads only benefit the rich and affluent. They are full of gas guzzlers and expensive cars. They do not eleviate congestion or lorry jams, they just make it easier for the rich to avoid that.

One road for the plebs and another for the well off.
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So are toll roads on the continent & in the U.S. only used by the rich & affluent?


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Ministers Set To Approve Plans To Introduce Tolls On Motorways And A-Roads.

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