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Do You Feel Another War Coming On?

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pdq1 | 15:19 Sat 08th Dec 2012 | News
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Hague has threatened Syria not to use chemical weapons (one of the weapons of mass destruction). He says he has intelligence that chemical weapons stored at several Syrian air bases are ready to be used but cannot be disclosed in the interests of security. Syria has denied any plan to use them.

Russia, an ally of Syria is so concerned is meeting with the US to plan the next move probably to calm the situation.

Like Iraq, Syrian assurances don't hold water, and invasion or air strikes could be imminent!

Haven't our politicians learnt nothing from the illegal Iraq war?


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Comparisons with Iraq are I’m not making them to suggest that the two affairs are similar in cause or strategy, ichkeria. I’m making them to demonstrate that it is so easy to get sucked into conflicts where we have no recognisable goal, no proper strategy for success and, most importantly, no legitimate interests. The so-called...
20:57 Sat 08th Dec 2012
There is evidence from multiple sources that the Syrian govt is moving chemical weapons stocks possibly with a view to using them as the last mass-murderous act of a desperate and doomed regime. It seems only a matter of weeks maybe days before rebel forces enter the centre of Damascus. Even the Russians who have been hand-in-glove with Assad and his policy of genocide now realise he can't survive and are thought to be in negotiations with a possible successor in a desperate attempt to retain their interests.
Oh and yes we should do what we can to deter another Halabja. The ground where that attack took place still had deadly properties all these years later.
What a horrible horrible thought, what is it with men (mostly men) that want to have power over others.
If the present Syrian government collapses there's a chance that these chemical weapon will fall into the hands of jihadists. Then Hague would really have something to worry about.
'Weapons of mass destruction', springs to mind.
I seem to remember us becoming embroiled in another conflict that was no concern of ours, based on "absolute proof" that WMDs existed.

No, pdq, politicians don't learn. They continually make mistakes which their experience should tell them not to make and which, if made in the commercial world, would cost them their jobs and more. They always know best; they often disbelieve what they are told; they often make crass decisions which fly in the face of common sense. For the electorate's part their opinions are usually ignored; they always think the latest bunch of politicians cannot possibly be any worse than the last lot; they are always wrong.
The current Syrian govt IS going to collapse. There's no doubt about that. Reports suggest Assad has already been sidelined by his associates. The real danger referred to by Sandy is one good reason why we should not think this is none of our business
Comparisons with Iraq are misleading. For one thing there's no doubt that Syria has chemical weapons: furthermore, it seems that special forces from several countries have for several months been poised in Turkey to launch raids to seize them should the Assad regime be deemed to longer to be in control of them. Hence presumably also the alarm about reports that the regime is now moving stocks with the possible intention of using them themselves. Of course they may also be moving them for "other" reasons.
Also, in case it's escaped some people's notice there already IS a war going on in the region.
As mere 'Plebs' we are only told what any government want us to know.

I agree with everything New Judge has said. I used to be a die hard Labour supporter but have now lost faith in all politicians who seem to be playing some sort of intellectual game with each other at our expense. For what reason I do not know, but they come and go none the worse off for the disasters they have wreaked on you and me.

“Comparisons with Iraq are misleading.”

I’m not making them to suggest that the two affairs are similar in cause or strategy, ichkeria. I’m making them to demonstrate that it is so easy to get sucked into conflicts where we have no recognisable goal, no proper strategy for success and, most importantly, no legitimate interests. The so-called “Arab Spring” has proved to be a disaster (and if you look back through some of my answers from that time you will see what a harbinger of doom I was). We were wrong to seemingly take sides in these internal affairs of other nations and so it will prove if we get involved in the Syrian shambles. If we do, we could well find ourselves mixed up in a situation similar to that in Afghanistan. Our politicians need to learn from their mistakes (which have been plentiful in recent years) in the same way that people in the real world have to.
Well, as far as the Arab Spring and is concerned, I don't see that we have got sucked in to any of the situations there. Libya was the only country in which there was an intervention of sorts, and that was very successful.
In Syria there has never been any suggestion of military intervention, but what we HAVE succeeded in doing is alienating a large element of the rebels by our inability and reluctance to intervene in some way. I don't think any sort of military intervention was ever on the cards, but Russia and China have seen to it that a protest movement spiralled out of control into a bloody civil war. Russia in particular has played a shameful part in this: posturing as "peace makers" when in actual fact they have been supplying arms to the murderers in Damascus.
any country,who supports terrorism could supply syrian terrorists to use against the rebels and blame the syrian govt..worrying times indeed...
I pray for peace.
"I pray for peace."

good luck with that then
la la la la la la fingers in ears.....shhhhhhhhhh, it's christmas and i've a grandchild due new years day.
yeah, Hague also threatened Al-gebra apparently they had protactors and compasses etc, weapons of maths instruction.

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Do You Feel Another War Coming On?

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