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Why do 'right whingers' (my official opposite of 'lefty hand-wringers') hate the Olympics so much?

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sp1814 | 22:21 Thu 26th Jul 2012 | News
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There is a concerted effort by sections of the right whinge press to slate the Olympics at every possible turn.

Sure, it's expensive, and sure traffic in London will be a nightmare for the next few weeks, but it seems odd that's section of our society seem hell-bent on displaying their 'plumage of misery' at every given opportunity.

Personally, I couldn't give a rat's bum about the whole event*, but I appreciate that for many this is the culmination of a lifetime of dreams, training and commitment.

What has happened to us?

Do other counties harbour the same phalanx of right wing miserablists, or is this peculiar to the UK?

Do the whingers actually want the Games to fail (in the same way that they wanted the South African World Cup to be sunk in a mire of violence - which didn't happen)?

(*apart from the magnificent Tom Daley in the diving)


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Do the whingers actually want the Games to fail (in the same way that they wanted the South African World Cup to be sunk in a mire of violence - which didn't happen)?

Neither did the euros .......
I think this is the classic British attitude of slagging someone off when they are doing well. The Olympics being the pinnacle of doing well in sport is like a red rag to a bull. Personally, I am not particularly interested in the sports. But the attendant cultural events and cleaning up London have all been of benefit. As one of the many unlucky commuters who travel through Straford...I am just hoping I get home before midnight! LOL
I don't think it's just 'right whingers' - I think it's 'left whingers' too. Some people aren't happy unless they're whinging.

I'm not into sport much, but I would like to see the critics supporting Britain for a change especially now it is on the world stage. I wish the Olympics every success.
There seems to be a subculture in this country, I'm not sure if they're right whingers or lefty hand wringers, who only seem to enjoy life when they're complaining about something. I've been on daily excursions, weekends away, coach tours and cruises and these people only seem happy when complaining about, well, everything.
I wasn't too onboard with the whole Olympics scenario a while back, what with tube drivers holding the government to ransom and the G4S debacle, but now, as it's getting nearer I'm finding the excitement quite contagious, I actually had an idea today (for when the kids are away with grandparents and I don't get to the Peak District) that I'd like to go round all the Olympic National Houses to see what the craic is. Just have to get himself on board with that one. Roll on tomorrow.
For me it's the cost. All that money could have been spent IMO on services to benefit the resident population of the UK. Sorry but I'm a realist, people will still be in poverty and whatever else they are suffering and after the games there will still be "no money" to help those in need. Funny old world...priorities mostly wrong for my liking. Apart from that....great....just wish it came free (the Olympics).
Daisy, the problem with that is that if you chucked all the money in the world at the poor, it wouldn’t cure the problem. The poor would still be with us. Perhaps you should consider the work it has brought to the area – one of the poorest in London – and the wealth it will generate there.
I agree Naomi and know well that is the case re money and poor et al. It is a personal view of mine and whilst it is generating work here atm, I do wonder how long that will last with population growth etc. I just feel for the people who have been affected with loss of homes and businesses to make way for the "regeneration" for a few weeks of sport.
Really? I haven't heard about that - and I have family in Stratford. Have they not been suitably re-housed and compensated? I'm not being funny. That's a serious question.
I view the Olympic games in much the same way as Apple or Microsoft products.
Instead of individuals queuing outside PC World all night you have countries queuing outside the IOC for years to buy things they don't really need but want because everyone else wants them.
What I remember about it at the time, the people interviewed did not want move but hey who knows, maybe it's changed their lives/businesses for the good! I don't think they looked at it that way at the time. Anyway, it's all just opinion isn't it - it has gone ahead and no doubt we will have many inquests on the good and bad of it in years to come.
Oh, right. Well, whatever - we're doing it and I truly hope it's a great success.
Question Author
I too hope it's a great success and shows Britain in a great light to the world. It just seems that there are WAY too many commentators, especially in the 'popular right' who are slagging off every element of the games.

And I don't think that The Morning Star with its readership level which is somewhere below that of the Croydon Argus, is representative of 'leftward thinking'.
SP, I don't understand why you think it is only the 'right-whingers' who are complaining. I don't see it that way at all.
The only thing I found really annoying was the price of the tickets.
Flipping whingers, whinging about those people who're whinging...

It's being British, sp ! Nothing to do with political affiliation. "Mustn't grumble" was , and among older people still is, the classic British statement of the opposite , but always stated by someone who is minded to do, and usually has done,just that very thing. It is generally preceded by the single word "Still", which rather gives the game away!A fine British tradition, it's grumbling that made this country what it is today (or was yesterday; everything was better in them days)
I see that three of the first five responses above all suggest that the person concerned is/was - like me - not particularly interested in the Olympics as such. In my own case and in the immortal words of Doc in Bad Day at Black Rock "I am consumed by apathy" about the whole thing.
Despite being left-leaning politically, I have never knowingly wrung my hands, hugged a tree, knitted anything in yoghurt or spelt 'new' as 'nu' in my life!
Given all of the above, one wonders what percentage of all Britons couldn't give a good goldarn, despite all the artificially hyped enthusiasm.
I am still wondering why you mention the African world cup and not the Poland-Ukraine EUFA Euro Championship .... Which I believe you thought (hoped?) would..........sink in a mire of violence -

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Why do 'right whingers' (my official opposite of 'lefty hand-wringers') hate the Olympics so much?

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