Trooping the Colour on BBC1

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cathfromsaron | 11:19 Sat 16th Jun 2012 | News
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anyone else think the commentary is back to the usual high standard!

no fearne cotton anywhere ...


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I agree......a fantastic performance.
11:20 Sat 16th Jun 2012
I agree......a fantastic performance.
Was lovely :-)
I so agree. Do you think the BBC will learn something from this? Just call me Pollyanna........
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thanks for replies!
how could they let her back on at any rate, she is a dingbat. Then there is the woeful, gobby Matt Baker, please someone put him out to grass.
will have to do a catch up. x
It was lovely
That's egg on the face of those dour miserable republicans who want to have vastly expensive presidential elections every 4 years electing politicians who half the country don't want. like President Blair and
Vice President Prescott .
A vastly expensive presidential election?as opposed to the £800 million the monarchy cost us over 4 years?

It must be nice to get to tug your forelocks and look up to your superiors

They must be very brave too

All those medals they wear

Here we go - your brave future king has at least 31 medals!

He doesn't wear them all at one ( isn't he modest? )

What really makes me laugh is all those monarchists who want to skip Charles in favour of William.

They do rather seem to have misunderstood the whole monarchy concept don't you think?
what happens if half the country don't want Charles, modeller? Shouldn't they get a chance to have their say, just as opponents of Blair did? His popularity has been as low as 34% (after Diana's death).
the rate queenie is going, she may outlive him,
We got rid of Edward viii . His support was so low he was forced to abdicate, but support for Charles is largely irrelevant . Our monarch
has no power and could be kicked out any time the people decided they no longer wanted them. The trooping the colour has little to do with the royals but rather is a symbol of Great Britain which is recognised throughout the world.
jake ' "It must be nice to get to tug your forelocks and look up to your superiors . " Who are your superiors jake ? A bunch of corrupt politicians ! Tell me if we had a president which of the current bunch of politicians would you choose. If instead of the Queen how about Diane Abbott as president. ?
just tuned into highlights now.
sounds like huw edwards
Sadly, Fearne Cotton has bleated that people who criticised her "Royal" performance are (and I quote) "bullies". Obviously never been really bullied, then.
Come on jake what are you waiting for ?
Tell us who you would replace the monarch with ?
How about one of your favourite trade union leaders. ?
Bob Crow might be a good choice . Think what he could do for the country .
The Queen is only a symbol and not allowed to interfere with our government but Bob would have a lot have a lot to say.

How about your hero Arthur Scargill isn't he looking for another job ?
On my TV set it says no commentary. No comment!
When they talk about Presidents instead of a monarchy they always quote ala Geo Bush. But who can name the president of Germany, France, etc. They are just nobodies!
I thought the Trooping the Colour coverage was excellent.............
we didn't get rid of Edward VIII. He left to get married to a woman who wouldn't have been accepted - but it was his choice; he could have stayed.

It isn't up to jake to nominate a president. It's up to people to stand for office, and voters to decide. That's democracy.

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Trooping the Colour on BBC1

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