Golden goodbye packages for MPs worth £90,000

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anotheoldgit | 11:45 Wed 07th Mar 2012 | News
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/// The payments are designed to help MPs 'adjust' to life outside the Commons and will be worth up to £33,000 each. Most of the payout is tax-free. They will also qualify for a 'winding up' allowance worth up to £56,250. ///

With more and more Armed Forces personnel facing the sack, shouldn't they also get a £90,000 'resettlement grant to allow them to adjust to life outside the Forces?


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fair question. I'd say none of them should get it.
Well there'll be 60-odd Lib-Dems needing it after the next election.
the redundancy payments to the staff should be made.
Its an absolute disgrace.

These leeches will stop at nothing to fleece the taxpayer for as much as possible.

They always look after themselves no matter what.
Agreed fluff - but with the possible exception of close family members ?
depends really if i was working for my dad and he lost his job - therefore making me jobless i woudl still want redundancy i still have bills to pay.

a dependant family member i can see your point
I think we're on the same page of the hymn book :)
Don't forget we're all in it together!!??
I think the OP is a bit misleading if it implies MPs can take £90,000

Most of that amount is for paying on to staff made redundant or other external contractual obligations - not as personal gain.
// help MPs 'adjust' to life outside the Commons //

aaaah diddums. I feel for them. Having to exist in the real world like the rest of us and everything.
My friend was an MP for a short while. His wife was employed as his secretary. The voters in his constituency decided to elect a different chap at the following election. This meant that both he and his wife were suddenly and immediately unemployed.

I have no idea how much 'severance' pay he received but it would have been very welcome whilst the two of them sought employment elsewhere.
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They must realise it is not a job for life, when they chose to take up the position.

Just as actors only earn while the public are prepaid to put their 'bums on seats'.

Each and every one of those know it can be a long time between jobs, when they take up their profession.

Is a redundancy payment of 'up to £33,000' that unusual?
i would see acting as self employed and you can do other things in between,

do we get rid of redunandancy payments althougther then

and no £33k is not unusual. we have an enhanced package and give 2.5 week for each year of service plus notice and car if applicable - of course this is the private sector
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Not a banker by any chance are we?

And a Scottish one at that.
ha ha nope not even close

well a bit of me's scottish, today i have decided its my legs
are your legs feeling tight?
Is it just me, or does Jacqui Smith have one of those faces that you could never tire of slapping?

Not if she's standing next to Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper

- I've only got two hands!
True....although can I also add Harriet Harperson to the list?

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Golden goodbye packages for MPs worth £90,000

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